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Adwords gets friendlier for mobile and tablet shoppers

Smartphones and tablets are fast changing the way people compare different services and shop for goods. More than ever, tech-savvy consumers have constant access to user-friendly information from their devices. This trend opens up newer opportunities even for smaller businesses to influence prospects’ purchasing decisions — at any place pr time, on the go or at home. To help businesses easily reach prospective customers while they are shopping, Google has just launched a new Shopping experience. Continue reading

How are mobile platforms and devices getting ‘social media friendly’?

There are several new devices, platforms and applications being launched by leading mobile device makers and top telcos world over. They are keen to target youth audience on the go by providing exciting social networking features and affordable ways to access the networks through unified interface like Motorola’s Blur, Telstra’s Tribe and HTC’s Sense UI. We take a look at some of the recent social media friendly launches in the mobile world. Continue reading