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Tips to manage business reputation on social media

Digital media now makes it very convenient for customers to post feedback. There are hundreds of different review sites and forums on which comments about you and your brand may appear. Unlike most other traditional modes of marketing, social media acts as a two-way ‘conversation’ platform. It is not only the businesses that can engage with their customers but the latter can also communicate with them as well as other customers.

It is important to learn to take care of your online reputation and manage it well. For this, you should be proactive in your approach. In other words, you should act before someone (maybe one of your business rivals or an aggrieved customer) decides to cause an irreversible damage. They may do so by posting negative comments about you. Such scathing remarks get circulated really fast on social media. If you don’t act in time, this may hurt your business prospects.

The Internet has emerged as a truly powerful and all-pervasive global communication hub. This means almost everyone across the world, including your key clients, now has a presence on the Web. It also implies that you’ve to familiarize yourself with the new rules of engagement on social media. It is vital to initiate and manage the conversations over it.

1. Monitor the online buzz

  • People are abuzz with different opinions on the popular social media platforms. The question is whether the incessant buzz really reaches your ears or you tend to ignore it! Obviously, the first vital step is to tune in.
  • You must be alert to what the customers are talking about you and your brand on different social media platforms. Follow domain-specific blogs to check the feedback about your products and services. The key is to monitor the online buzz.

2. Do a random check on your own

  • Conduct a vanity search on top search engines with the help of keywords related to your business, to see what is thrown up.
  • Is your brand located among the top searches? What is the first feel or impression you tend to get? Is it positive, negative or neutral in nature? Do the results impress you? Is your business name easy to find?

3. Establish a rapport with customers

  • Active presence on vibrant social media platforms is extremely important. This will allow you to establish a rapport with both the existing and prospective customers. Ensure that your brand image gets reflected positively in online forums, reviews or blogs.
  • A positive approach and consumer-friendly tone can certainly enhance the reputation of your business. Last but not the least, try to see and perceive your business through the customers’ eyes.
  • This two-way communicate allows to establish a personal relationships between brands and users. There is a distinct possibility of a negative feedback.