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Six steps to boost your social media presence

Implementing social media strategies in a well-planned manner is extremely important from the point of view of building awareness about your key products and services. It is necessary to connect with the prospects on Facebook and Twitter. Understandably, several small businesses are looking for reliable means to help monitor and effectively respond to their core customer base in order to fortify the social presence on the Internet. Continue reading

Brands look for expert help to manage their social media presence

In their keenness to leverage the power of Internet, many corporate entities are experiencing an undesirable side effect – an apparent inability to track all the ephemeral ideas, thoughts and messages that they are dispatching into the vast cyberspace where a minor negative ripple can turn into a tumultuous tornado, tarnishing the online reputation of a brand before the managers and owners could realize it. The experience can indeed get scary and nerve-wracking. Continue reading

Basics of protecting your brand and business image on the Web

The Internet overwhelms users with a deluge of information that they constantly sift through, to arrive at a resource – either to seek information or to buy a product/service – of their choice. If your business site appears high in the domain specific search results, they are going to notice it more prominently. This can have a positive impact on your company’s business margins. However, the same can be counterproductive especially if you opt to ignore negative feedback about your brand. Continue reading