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Developing search capability is crucial for Facebook

Recently Lars Rasmussen, director (Facebook Engineering), stated that it made little sense to enter web search. “I cannot predict as what will happen but I do not think it is sensible for us to even start thinking at this stage about doing web search,” he added. Leveraging Facebook’s enormous repository of data fueled by its millions of users is a challenging task. Continue reading

Rationale of Facebook’s $1 billion Instagram deal

The Instagram social app fetching a whopping $1 billion in cash & stock has evoked mixed reactions from business analysts and media experts worldwide. Is this perhaps the return of silly money flow to Silicon Valley? Or is it a perfect case of panic buying, with valuations mindlessly getting pushed up in a frenzied bidding war? Skeptics want to know! Continue reading

Will ‘no following, no friending Path’ work?

Alongside the more popular networking sites worldwide, certain specialized networking avenues online are also trying to carve a niche for themselves. Some of them leverage the existing vast audience base of Twitter or Facebook to let members access as many friends or followers as possible. Continue reading

Six facts to substantiate the Internet’s increasingly Social nature

  • A new study done by Nielsen shows that Internet users are spending an average of over 6 hours a month on social networking sites. The renowned market research firm tracks new media and business trends. It has released the latest set of statistics that summarize the Internet users’ habits, particularly in the US. Consumers now largely turn to social media to check and share views on different products/services, according to another study done by PwC. Here are some important findings to give you an idea of what’s happening in the online world: Continue reading