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What is driving corporate social networks?

What LinkedIn made possible for industry connections and Facebook did for friendships, can emerging enterprise social networks do the same for a company’s workforce? It’s indeed a big opportunity waiting to be tapped and someone to conquer it. Most popular social sites don’t really have much of a palpable learning curve or novelty, since many users are familiar with them. Specialized networks such as LinkedIn are facing a similar situation. Continue reading

A quick glance at fast-growing enterprise social networks

An array of enterprise social Networks have arrived on the scene, aimed at empowering employees and stakeholders to easily collaborate, make better and faster decisions, as well as to become more productive. The new-age niche platforms revolve around user-centric software employees can actually use, to produce tangible results and ensure an impressive return on investment (ROI). Far more than merely a recommendation engine, they offer an intuitive interface. Continue reading