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There are different types of SEO & each one commands a different strategy. Let us define these different types of SEO & also, provide you with invaluable tips on the same.

Four types of SEO & Approaches You Require

Local SEO

Local SEO boosts the visibility of a local business by ranking the website higher in search engine result pages for location based keywords. However, including the exact keyword is not mandatory as it works as per the geographic location and also keywords & phrases that are related to the business & its location.

Local SEO is not just limited to your website. In fact, it also includes following things:

  • Engaging in community events & chamber.
  • Creating profiles on different platforms. Namely Google MY Business, Bing Places for Business & Yahoo Local.
  • Associating with directory websites.

Barnacle SEO

Barnacle SEO is like that sea creature which attaches itself with any big surface and then feeds off on the tiny particles that float by in the water.

If your website ranks lower on SERP then associating with big websites will be beneficial, as you can feed on their users. So when someone will search for that big website, you will also get users since your website can be found within the larger website.

For instance:-  You can utilize Yelp by focusing your SEO efforts on increasing the number of positive reviews. So when someone will search for “Electrician near me” they will most likely go to Yelp as it will be displayed in the top most position of the search engine result pages and also display reviews. With a decent number of positive reviews, you have a good chance of getting hired by a large number of Yelp searchers. Yelp is not the only way, though, you can do this by optimizing your profiles and business listings too.

Where to start:

  • Identify websites that are listed in the first page of a search engine and can offer most by using keywords and phrases related to your niche.
  • Focus your efforts on the top results as they will get you maximum exposure.
  • Being creative while associating with these big websites will help you get the best possible results.

National SEO

The opposite of Local SEO is National SEO. It is for those businesses that are not restricted to a particular location and can provide services or products anywhere. For instance: Companies like Amazon should have national SEO instead of Local SEO. They are not limited to a particular location and their products can be bought from anywhere. They don’t need to lure traffic to their stores they can serve to a broad range of audience and in multiple locations at once.

National SEO strategies aim at feeding search engines information so that customers can find the business regardless of the location they are searching from.

How to do it:

  • Do not include any keyword that is related to a particular location. For instance: It should be “web development services”  instead of  “Web development services New York”
  • Keep an eagle eye on your competitors and their websites elements.

Remember that competing on a national level is way too difficult as compared to local level since the level of competition will escalate enormously as you have to compete with the giants.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is as crucial as local SEO to rank higher. So if you are not tech savvy and terms like “Backend of a website” “robots.txt”, etc. sound like an alien language, then you better hire a technical person for the job. Because Technical SEO is not something you can ignore.

Technical aspects that should be good:

  • Load time of a web page, mobile friendliness, and content structure should be excellent.
  • Highly optimized webpage titles, descriptions, images, and URLs.
  • 301, 302 & 404 errors kill your search ranking. Monitor your website for them.

However, this is just a short list. The full list is longer and you should be focusing on every aspect of it for successful Technical SEO results.

Remember, whatever SEO strategy you use should be in alignment with your overall SEO strategy & digital marketing strategy, in order to rank higher in search engine result pages & reign supreme in your niche.

In case you need any assistance with your SEO strategy, we will be more than happy to help you. You can also request a FREE SEO Audit of your website to see where you stand among your competitors. Based on this Audit and your target audience, our technical team would be able to assist you further. Just reach to us at sales@ebrandz.com or call 1-888-545-0616 (Toll-Free).



As they say, ‘quality comes with a price tag’ and when you apply that thing to the SEO industry then it surely makes sense to have quality people in that role in your company. But that doesn’t mean that one needs labor it out 24×7 to dish out quality services and also the fact that hiring premium SEO services may not often get you desired results. That’s where working smart comes to the fore.

Smart SEO’s work intelligently not only to meet the quality standards but also at the same time bring down the SEO budget of the company. Here are some smart tips that you can incorporate to become more efficient irrespective of your marketing budget (with looking cheap) to maintain the overall SEO quality standards of the company.


It’s a little-known fact that Google bot takes its own sweet crawler time to ultimately rank a single page. So for every 10 pages, it ranks a single page. For large sites, this ratio goes on increasing. That means the Google search engine bot has to work diligently (crawl hundreds of pages) before it finally ranks a page.

In case of not so useful content, Google’s crawler bot may get confused and not live up to the expectations. To avoid further confusion, you can use this smart technique of using meta non-indexing tag on pages with little or no content. This is one smarter way to avoid becoming a Panda algorithm casualty in hiding pages that do not perform up to the mark. This is a smart indication for the search engine bot to crawl pages, which are rich in terms of user engagement content and matters the most to you as a site owner.


Another way to get smarter is by not using the rel=”nofollow” attribute pointing your site’s internal link system or linking it to your company’s official social media pages of Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or Twitter handle.

This was supposed to be the PageRank sculpting technique to notify the search bot not to trust the page, which the link is pointing to. In the absence of user generated impressions pointing to these links, the overall concept falls flat as there’s no hard searched evidence to support the claim that applying rel=”nofollow” protects the PageRank of the pages containing the link as such. Hence, don’t just waste your quality SEO time on these assumptions to work for you anymore.


Reducing your page size may not only have a good impact on the search engine crawl time but also it will improve your search ranking, too. This is the reason why site speed has been a ranking factor and is a smart way to improve your search rankings.

While there are many methods to do it but one of the smarter way to do it is by removing the links of the previous bygone pages. For instance, the concept of using meta keywords is rather outdated as it only reveals further information to your rival about the terms, it used to rank for.


Downloading and preserving back links is crucial for the link building process. It may seem like a tough task but preserving your back links over a period of time is vital to the process of link building, especially when you get penalized for some Spam activity by Google. So if you don’t have this data beforehand then you’ll have to waste your rather precious SEO time in locating the bygone data as per volume. Hence, downloading and saving the backlink data on a regular basis is the smart way ahead.


Documentation is prerequisite for any link building process which includes website updates, technical or otherwise which requires two important steps as below:

  • A 100% transparency including the disclosure of volumes of previous links built of all URL’s including the anchor texts as such.
  • Removal of the backlinks on special request without the burden of paying the extra cost for the same.


Finally, Hiring a smart and professional SEO service provider goes a long way in further reducing the cost to the company. There are some which promise more but deliver less. You can also make use of sources such as Google Webmaster Guidelines or follow the expert’s advice by Google’s John Mueller will help you in your search of smart but cost effective SEO service.

If you are still searching for some cost effective and smart SEO service provider who can implement these strategies, kindly get in touch with us via email at sales@ebrandz.com or Call 1-888-545-0616 (Toll-Free). Do not forget to ask for a FREE SEO Analysis for your website.