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What’s new in WordPress 3.2 development?

Due to its convenience of usage WordPress.com has been quite popular with bloggers. It is quite a user friendly platform that offers requisite support of the developers round-the-clock. While using it you first need to sign up. WordPress is a collective byproduct of several developers’ efforts and innovation. It was initially launched as merely a blogging system. Continue reading

Is it possible for blogs to click their way to riches?

Starting a business site or personal blog can at times seem like randomly casting a digital message in a ubiquitous bottle deep into the vast sea of online content. Many site owners do so hoping earnestly that someone might enjoy and appreciate their captivating cupcake recipes, precocious parrot videos or even pithy commentary on humdrum of everyday life. Then there are others who set out to develop loyal and sizable followings, keen to strike money from the pool of audiences. Continue reading