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What’s new in WordPress 3.2 development?

Due to its convenience of usage WordPress.com has been quite popular with bloggers. It is quite a user friendly platform that offers requisite support of the developers round-the-clock. While using it you first need to sign up. WordPress is a collective byproduct of several developers’ efforts and innovation. It was initially launched as merely a blogging system.

However, it has gradually evolved to function as a comprehensive content management system (CMS) and a holistic platform through different plugins, widgets as well as themes. You can make use of this free web software to make a site or blog. You locate a Web Host and secure great hosting even while supporting WordPress. You can Download and install WordPress in few simple steps.

  • WordPress 3.1 was released about three months ago. While putting together a new version, emphasis has been on performance enhancements, which are available for beta testers! The software under development is still not recommended to be run on a production site. You may though set up a test site for trying out the new version.
  • Beta 2 is now also available as part of WordPress 3.2 development that is on track. Beta 1 was released more than three weeks ago, and Beta 2 was put out last week for purpose of testing. The broad plan is to release WordPress 3.2 by June end. Some of the aspects, which have been modified from Beta 1, are as follows:
  • Provided you have installed the admin, Google Chrome Frame is supported in it. This is useful in particular for those using IE 6 (note that, IE 6 is deprecated for the admin otherwise).
  • The admin is now much more user friendly and neat in IE 7. The admin color scheme in blue has now caught up to one in grey.  Steps are being taken to bundle jQuery 1.6.1. You may test any JS, which uses jQuery.
  • The new version will enable distraction-free writing effort. The full-screen composing experience fo visual editor has undergone a drastic change, and is now also available from HTML mode. With the new WordPress version, you can better focus on your content.
  • Admin UI Refresh has added a touch of facelift. Rotating header images and post format support are now there. WordPress will allow you to operate with modern browsers. More links have been added to the admin bar in order to make it further user friendly.
  • PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0 are the minimum system requirements that WordPress now has. It will not any longer support Internet Explorer 6. The favorites menu is no more there. If you have any plugins, which use this menu, migrate to an admin bar placement.

WordPress 3.2 is set to be released by the June end, depending on the beta testing.