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Why do presence on user-driven platforms make your site search engine friendly?

To find information about products, services or out of sheer curiosity, people do online search on top engines like Google and Yahoo. Apart from generic or specific keywords, they may also type in questions to dig out data from the vast online treasure trove. There has been a steady rise in the volume of question quarries. Why the webpages on Question and Answer sites are gaining in prominence as far the search engine rankings are concerned? Continue reading

What are the basic tenets of blog commenting?

Conscious efforts are needed on your part to steer users to your blog so that your readers get used to it. They will feed your with some great content ideas that you can then build on to make your exercise truly interactive. You can use the exercise of blog commenting to showcase your domain expertise. Continue reading

Basic ingredients of On-Site optimization

Search engine optimization strategy involves an in-depth analysis of the site performance metrics. On-Page site optimization serves as platform, or essential building blocks, for the long term direction and successful development of the SEO strategy. If properly implemented, it can have a positive effect on the site’s performance. Continue reading