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How the Facebook brand page will facilitate a more meaningful interaction?

With a new Facebook brand page, the focus will now shift to telling an authentic story that users can relate to for them to identify with the brand. The purpose of communication now will be to convey what is it that makes your product or business stand apart, and strike an emotional chord with your loyal fans through exclusive news, blooper videos, behind-the-scenes action photos, real-time mobile images and sound clips. Continue reading

How the News Feed changes and the addition of the ticker will impact fan marketing on Facebook?

As you would be aware, Facebook has recently announced a set of changes to the platform, most of which have already been rolled out. The most major one of these is probably the overhaul of personal profiles on the popular social site into the new ‘Timeline’ format. Though many of these changes apparently are geared towards developers, marketers need to realize the fact that such ‘aesthetic’ tweaks would eventually affect the way users navigate the popular networking platform. Continue reading

A quick look at changes to Timeline- a new kind of user profile

Right since its beginning, your Facebook profile has been the avenue for you to tell your story to the people who matter. Users treat the social site as a place to share almost everything from the seemingly small stuff, like their instant thoughts on a just read article, to some of the most crucial events of their personal lives, such as the photographs of their family functions, the wedding or birth in their family. Continue reading