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5 ideas to harness your presence on social media

Opinion makers and influencers in the social Web realm play a significant role in marketing as well as branding, just like the countless Facebook ‘Likes’ do. You cannot operate in isolation and expect to be successful on the social Web. Remember, social media marketing is not solely about you, your business and your needs. So you cannot and should not ignore what the people expect from you as a brand owner, even while taking into account your own business priorities. Let us fathom why a company must listen with intent to its customers. Continue reading

6 tips for successful social media engagement

A vast number of Facebook ‘Likes’ generated on your profile page will be of little consequence, unless you are able to initiate meaningful interaction with your prospects. In fact, broader purpose of your social media interactions should be to involve users, understand their aspirations and work towards fulfilling their needs instead of simply indulging in self-promotion and boosting your online presence. We shall discuss a few ideas to impart more depth to them and enhance their intrinsic value. Continue reading

Implications of Facebook Timeline for small businesses

Facebook Timeline is going to become mandatory for everyone, all companies included, post March 30, 2012. There are several key changes, but some of them are absolutely crucial from branding and marketing perspective so that they should be carefully considered. This is necessary for a brand – irrespective of size, scale and domain – to fine tune its marketing strategy and align it with the new features. Continue reading

What makes the 2011 Golden Tweet Award winner stand out?

Every year, Twitter announces the Golden Tweet Award. It is given to a tweet, which has not only been the most retweeted one, but also the one having major impact in terms of a larger social good. This year, the honor has gone to a tweet from Wendy’s that prompted its users to retweet for a cause. Continue reading

Why does devising campaigns on social media demand care and caution?

What are the repercussions when a specific strategy or behavior pattern is deemed antisocial by a large section of social media users? Two large marketers have recently found how social media can prove to be a double edged sword if not handled carefully and tactfully. Here is what exactly happened… Continue reading