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6 tips for successful social media engagement

A vast number of Facebook ‘Likes’ generated on your profile page will be of little consequence, unless you are able to initiate meaningful interaction with your prospects. In fact, broader purpose of your social media interactions should be to involve users, understand their aspirations and work towards fulfilling their needs instead of simply indulging in self-promotion and boosting your online presence. We shall discuss a few ideas to impart more depth to them and enhance their intrinsic value.

  1. Present your audience with tangible incentives by encouraging them to take part in interactive activities like contests and games to draw their attention. An occasion-based contest to debate the best gift idea will work. Incorporate a fan page tab for it, and post updates about the same on relevant fan page to win more conversions. Of course, do check the guidelines for marketers and advertisers in this regard.
  2. An idea with palpable value such as free shipping for loyal fans or an exclusive product coupon will prompt them to stick around longer. Engage your prospects and stay connected with them by regularly posting product/service related feedback. Solicit their opinions on a regular basis. Why not run a poll and seek their votes? You may even run an innovative campaign to encourage users to join in some fun activity. Also, make it a point to integrate your existing Facebook apps with the core brand identity.
  3. Apart from wishing your prospects on festive occasions, post timely comments on eve of major public events. Holding a conference, inviting your loyal Facebook/ Twitter community members and seeking their suggestions would prove to be a worthwhile exercise. Their participation will definitely create a buzz! Such a democratic exercise will also allow you to be in the good books of your end users.
  4. Invite interested users for a new test launch so as to make them part of the product development process. Prompt them to discuss any new product idea or innovation. Launching a bouquet of product and services through greater user participation will help businesses gather precious insights without seeking intervention of market research agencies that would charge hefty fees.
  5. Instead of getting apologetic about criticism, acknowledge it and bring about changes based on valid suggestions. Once people are convinced of your genuine intent in hearing them out, they would start tweeting more, or regularly posting Facebook status etc, thus keeping your brand in limelight. This will lead to increased footfalls, ensuring a repeat customer base, and thus and higher sales. Of course, any user-driven activity of such nature must be based on a proper research to find out your target users and what exactly they expect from you.
  6. Last but not the least, fill gaps if any, in your distribution chain – both in terms of material and intellectual flows! The grandiose talks won’t suffice unless your words backed by a genuine effort or action to enhance your product/service value chain.