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How to optimize your Google Webmaster Tools Analytics account?

In this post, we shall discuss more practical ideas that can be used for enhancing your business site’s visibility, popularity and better performance with help of features in Google Analytics. There are certain steps we can initiate with this powerful tool like connecting your Webmaster Tools account that you should know about. Continue reading

Tracking the effectiveness of your webpage conversions

To make use of the Website Optimizer tool, you are simply required to choose the important aspects that you want to thoroughly test. These can include areas like headline, select copy text, image, or promo text. Then an experiment is done across cross-section of the site traffic. The idea is to help you discover exactly what format and type of content appeals to your site visitors and the one they respond to best. Continue reading

Why Optimizing for Conversion Rate won’t necessarily increase revenue?

Conversion Optimization is a handy technique that enables site owners to enhance conversion rates cutting across their marketing investments and investments, including core business sites, email, PPC, social media and other E-Commerce platforms. It is important to align analytics to online marketing investments. This principally involves measuring your digital interactions/ conversions as well as understanding target audience behavior and competitor strategy. Continue reading