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How to optimize your Google Webmaster Tools Analytics account?

In this post, we shall discuss more practical ideas that can be used for enhancing your business site’s visibility, popularity and better performance with help of features in Google Analytics. There are certain steps we can initiate with this powerful tool like connecting your Webmaster Tools account that you should know about.

Identifying vital SEO metrics

Webmaster Tools is a handy offering from Google that helps site owners to see vital piece of data such as the total number of impressions for search queries and their overall position in Google, links drawn by the site or diagnosis information gathered by Google after crawling it. You can also check +1 metrics, overview site performance or even submit a sitemap to be indexed.

You can inter-connect the Google Webmaster Tools account and Google Analytics account to access the new SEO reports. Once you accomplish this, you can check three new insightful reports in your Analytics account, namely 1. Queries; 2. Landing Pages; 3. Geographical Summary.

Top performing keywords

These will allow you to get more details of the top performing keywords (search queries) as well as landing pages. You can utilize these precious nuggets of information to pinpoint those keywords having a low click through rate, albeit a decent average position. You can accordingly modify the meta title and your page description in order to boost the click through rate.

Landing pages with a good CTR

Next, you can identify landing pages with a reasonably good CTR (click through rate), but a rather low average position. Such pages can be run through the process of on-page optimization process to better their rankings. For further fine tuning of your site, you can analyze data regarding the geographical locations of your organic visitors to determine your target market.

How to align Webmaster Tools and Analytics account?

To connect your website from the Webmaster Tools in Google Analytics, check the ‘Traffic Sources’ section, select SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and then go for any of the reports you want to access.

At this stage, one can see a page with the advantages of linking your respective accounts and a button, indicating (Set up Google Webmaster Tools data sharing). Click it and then (Edit) from your (Webmaster Tools Settings). You will then be redirected to your Webmaster Tools to align it with Google Analytics.

Do not ignore site speed

Another handy feature of Google Analytics is the site speed, which lets you check the load time of your webpages. This helps you grasp which ones, especially products and services pages will need more attention and thus work out ways to speed up their load time. If you are wondering why this is necessary, you should take into consideration the fact that slower speed can prompt visitors to desert your site and ultimately move to a competitor’s site, a prospect that is highly undesirable.