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Establishing the link between bounce rate and conversion

It is wrong to assume that bounce rate is the only defining parameter that will tell you everything as far as conversions are concerned. Say what if, users are regularly hitting your landing page and then moving to the Help section instead of purchasing a product? Or may be that they are using the search box instead of clicking an article? In such a scenario, the bounce rate will be a low, but that will be deceptive. Why so? We shall find out. Continue reading

Things to keep in mind before you conduct the Conversion tracking experiment

The Website Optimizer tool lets you test changes in the content of your site pages in order to precisely find out what text will be most powerful and highly effective in ensuring conversions. Before conducting an experiment, consider specific aspects that you would like to check as part of it; the more thought and preparation you put in prior to the test, the more comprehensive results you will derive out of it. Here are a few more things to keep in mind prior you conduct the experiment. Continue reading

Basic ideas to improve your business site’s conversion rate

Once the optimization is properly done, the conversion rate is bound to improve. By optimizing the page, the cost per conversion can be brought down dramatically. When testing your site with Google Website Optimizer tool or similar such tools, you need not worry too much about any misleading metrics. Microconversions or other such metrics can be ignored. The testing process should be authentic and not intended at hurting users’ privacy, though. Continue reading