Three tips for effective usage of online business networks

Being active, or rather proactive, on a leading business networking site sure will help in getting your profile and ultimately your business/brand noticed. Budding businesses in particular can not only survive, but also thrive with effective usage of social media. If you want to reach out to other users in your domain more effectively, you will need to keep a few things in mind:

1. Create a comprehensive online profile

Of course, the first precondition to success on social media is to be able to create a handy and catchy profile.

  • The process is very much similar to constructing a résumé that lists educational qualifications, professional experience and special skills. In case of a listing as an entrepreneur, the parameters will obviously change as it will involve process capabilities and industry-specific expertise you possess.
  • Making it more comprehensive, rather than compact, will make it more likely to spring up in searches by other users. That means listing not only major posts you’ve held, but also summer jobs and minor internships. It essentially means spelling out all the skills at your disposal.

2. A little logrolling helps

Next important aspect is references.

  • It always helps to have qualified or respected people vouch for your credentials. You ask others you know to post brief, albeit positive recommendations, which will also be visible in your profile.
  • Remember, a little logrolling sure will help your cause. Also, recommend other people whom you know since they may be more willing to return the favor later. Make the privacy settings as open as possible. You obviously want even strangers to find or notice you, if you’re looking for work.

3. Network vigorously

Treat a business networking site as a major industry trade show.

  • Search for users on it whom you know or perhaps don’t know. Invite the people to become a part of your network. Regular social media users commonly make a mistake; that of limiting or constraining their network rather than expanding it. Make it a point to network across it vigorously to expand your contact base.
  • The question then is: How many are really enough? According to LinkedIn spokeswoman Krista Canfield, there are no ‘absolutes’ in this regard. She adds that 35 connections seem to be the minimum threshold for making the social networks’ viral properties truly useful.

After you’ve have reached this stage, it is much easier to look for mutually beneficial business connections using the search tools. There are many other ways to utilize it to help your business aspirations.

In the upcoming post, we shall look for various other means and means by which smaller businesses can thrive with help of social media.