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Top SEO ideas for your video content – I

In the previous blog, we touched upon the topic of conceptualizing quality video content mix from SEO perspective and promised to give you more insights on an effective strategy for the same. We started with inputs on selecting the appropriate option for hosting the video content. Here are some more SEO ideas for your video content.

Importance of title and description

For SEO purpose, it is important to choose a correct title and precise description almost similar to picking them for a web page. You must, of course, add the most relevant keywords, albeit in a user friendly way. To put it simply, it is not a wise idea to cram the keywords to maximize the SEO effect, as the move may backfire.

The title need not be verbose. It should ideally be informative in nature. Something like ‘Useful tips to benefit from the video content SEO’ would be preferable to merely stating  ‘Best SEO tips.’

Utilizing a transcription service

Another handy SEO tip for optimizing your video content SEO is to utilize a transcription service. Google cannot look at a particular video and grasp its contents per se; associating a text transcript with your video is a perfect tool to let the search engine – and video sites like YouTube – have a better idea of the video content.

You may type out a transcript manually and then upload it to a video service directly along with the video. Alternatively, you may use an automatic transcription service that will do the job for you.

Mass-upload services: When to use and when not to?

You may also consider one of the mass-upload services to maximize the SEO benefit. There are many convenient resources like TubeMogul.com, which automate the whole process of submitting the video to different video sharing sites – both major and minor.

These services are usually easy to use. However, it is important that you get the job done in a systematic manner. In other words, you must think before you decide to act. This decision relates back to the issue discussed in the previous blog: of whether you are looking to promote the video for enhancing search referrals to your website or you merely wish to reach out to as many number of users as possible.

If you are only seeking views, opting for these simple services is not an issue, at all. On the other hand, if ranking of the keywords related to your video is important to you, you will need to be more careful. Let me explain why I am saying so! As you provide this video content to some other video sites, their pages will most likely get ranked higher on Google than your Web pages.

This is because the former will possess more site authority in comparison to your site. So if your goal is to enhance the ranking of your site by driving links and targeted traffic to the pages on it, you should use mass-upload services only sparingly or perhaps not at all!

We shall consider aspects like including video in the sitemaps and optimizing the video URLs in the concluding blog of this series.