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What and who is driving ‘mobile’ social networking?

The huge popularity of applications for social networking among mobile users is resulting in a mutually beneficial partnership between wireless and social media players.  The new synergy allows one to do so in a cost-effective way. Let us find out more about some of the leading market players, who are capitalizing on the trend.

Skype on Sony Ericsson’s Symbian based smartphones

A Significant example is that of Skype, which has announced the availability of its network on three Symbian based smartphones from Sony Ericsson. Symbian is considered the most sought after smartphone platform in the world. Sony Ericsson flagship smartphone series Vivaz, Satio and Vivaz pro now offers Skype, over either a mobile data connection (GPRS, 3G, EDGE) or WiFi.

The same can be downloaded on a compatible handset at skype.com/m, apart from its availability on the ‘Play Now’ arena of the handset maker. General Manager (Mobile) at Skype, Russ Shaw, mentions that their goal is to meet the demand of ‘mobile’ users by making the network available on as many devices by striking relationships with handset manufacturers and operators.

Concurring with the view, the Executive VP and Head (Sales & Marketing) at Sony Ericsson, Kristian Tear, has been quoted as saying: “The exciting opportunity to make use of a top-class app such as Skype, in combination with the applications and excellent capabilities integrated into our services, make up a compelling package.”

Cisco integrates video, voice and social networking
In keeping with the trend of convergence, Cisco Systems has launched a new enterprise collaboration platform. It integrates video and voice with elaborate social networking features into a single workspace that can be accessed via an Apple iPhone/iPad. This is part of their larger plan to develop a technology that helps mobile workers use the devices to stay in touch with the people important to them as well as get updated news and information so that they can do their jobs more efficiently.

Cisco Quad apps are essentially intended to facilitate ‘corporate social networking’ targeted at employees using their mobile devices and accessing popular social networking platforms at the workplace. Since it is not possible to stop the activities, Cisco wants to align social networking with corporate environment so as to make it more productivity-oriented. Tony Bates, a senior vice president of the company, explains that their vision of a modern workspace revolves around creating a wide range of collaborative experiences.

More Telstra customers use mobiles for social networking
Another example of the successful convergence is the rising mobile access to networking sites on 3G network of Telstra. It has recorded a phenomenal growth as indicated by recent figures from the operator based on a research regarding the browsing habits of its nearly five million 3G customers.

The rise in its total number of customers using mobiles to access Twitter, Facebook and MySpace is anywhere between 200 to 450 percent, in the past year. The figures speak for themselves…