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What are the key elements of keyword selection?

Keywords are an integral element of a website’s search engine optimization strategy. A well-executed keyword research program is crucial to successful SEO. Expert inputs regarding precise selection of the best possible ‘search friendly’ terms helps a great deal in accessing your target audience through search engines in a cost-effective way. When carried out by an experienced SEO specialist, it sure will lead to higher conversion.

A comprehensive keyword research plan should be aimed at:

  1. Relevancy to your business domain and the site’s target audience
  2. Traffic flow in terms of the number of times each key term or phrase is searched for
  3. Competition analysis with details of the webpages that contain similar keywords or phrases
  4. The ‘Pay per Click’ cost for the keyword/s to work out the commercial value

Performance testing & analytics

This is another significant area. Once keyword selection and targeting is over, analytics programs such as ClickTracks and Indextools come into play. They measure web traffic and conversion patterns. The details can be utilized to refine your keyword selection. For example, ClickTracks Pro carries reliable analytics, tracking of ROI, revenue conversion as well as marketing campaign performance, presented in a multi-user handy Web analytics package.

It also features search report that lets marketers map keywords against RoI (cost versus revenue generated). Marketers can see the inputs generated by a specific keyword/search engine combination. The analysis allows to do comparison against all possible results, whether they be natural search or pay per click (PPC).

Tools like Google Keyword helps website owners find keywords, which are better targeted to their respective searches. Enhanced features like better filters have made the process more precise. With the new updates, users can select specific words to add or delete from their keyword list; make use of the ‘More like these’ button to look for terms similar to the specific key term ideas they have picked from the table; and derive only results including the exact phrases/ words (and their close synonyms) entered in the search box.

Importance of expertise in keyword research and analysis

The objective is to know keywords relevant to your individual site as well as the broader business domain in which it operates to attain good traffic and optimum commercial values. In essence, the crux of the process is the ability to target the right terms. It demands specialized analytical skills and intensive analysis. This is not merely about traffic but also about Conversion Rate; Predicted Traffic; Value per Customer; and Keyword Competition.

Once a thorough analysis of each of the above elements is done, it becomes easier to make more informed decisions about the keywords and phrases to target. Apart from seeking inputs from keyword research tools, precise execution and constant monitoring is also necessary. Ideally, the task should be handed to specialists since its success is invariably linked to the visibility and longevity of your online business.