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Basics of content writing to draw authority links

Getting an authority link to a business site or personal blog is one of the most crucial elements of widening its reach and increasing its popularity. To put it simply, your blog or site cannot afford to exist in isolation. It must build a niche for itself in the realm of link building. Domain Level Authority and Page Level Link Metrics features still account for a large chunk of your webpages own authority, clearly suggesting link building remains an important factor to your website/ blog’s success from the SEO point of view. Of course, it’s not just any trivial link will do the job for you. Continue reading

How can you run a successful social media campaign?

  • There’s no disputing the fact that today’s tech-savvy and intelligent consumers are greatly influenced by the Internet, social media in particular. It is absolutely necessary to address and access the vast audience on the popular networking sites. Unless a campaign gains approval of on social media users, it won’t work. How to make this happen?

Continue reading

Practical tips for successful business blogging

While you are planning to launch your business blog, you need to keep a few things in mind. At the outset, let me state that there is no magic formula or a set of winning norms in the blogosphere. What holds the key is to know your target audience, and follow the best content and SEO practices. Patience and perseverance more than flamboyance are what will help your blog become a success. Continue reading

Locate growth opportunities with business networking

If you have your eyes set on any business organization or company, be it Bank of America, Procter & Gamble or Time Warner, it’s definitely a good idea to be following their respective LinkedIn pages.  The networking platform sure has carved a niche for itself in social media arena with its utilitarian bent. Continue reading

What are the key elements of keyword selection?

Keywords are an integral element of a website’s search engine optimization strategy. A well-executed keyword research program is crucial to successful SEO. Expert inputs regarding precise selection of the best possible ‘search friendly’ terms helps a great deal in accessing your target audience through search engines in a cost-effective way. When carried out by an experienced SEO specialist, it sure will lead to higher conversion. Continue reading

Secrets of successful keyword integration

Increasing the chances of higher search engine rankings depends a great deal on the proper selection of keywords that need to be deftly and seamlessly woven into the content of your site. In fact, this method forms the crux of website optimization. Let us consider a few more critical factors that hold the key to this process. Continue reading

Mistakes made during Google AdWords campaigns

These are real-life lessons literally learned the hard way by ambitious owners who have tried several tricks in their book, but have realized the mistakes over time, in their quest to build and optimize Google AdWords campaigns. In this post, we focus on a couple of them  and analyze the practical problem  areas. Continue reading

What are the ingredients of a precise PPC ad copy?

Remember, your Pay Per Click or PPC ad campaign will be successful only if it stands out among the crowd. People must take notice of it and be prompted to act upon it. Then only the doors of success will open for you. Search advertisers must employ intelligent and innovative strategies to score over their competition. The key to success lies in certain secrets that I am going to share with you… Continue reading

Networks that help you keep pace with the dynamic landscape of Affiliate Marketing

If you as a merchant have an innovative service or product that you want to promote online, then Affiliate Marketing is just the perfect tool. An effective program will help your business generate greater customer leads and increased sales over time. In theory, it can fetch 20% of total online sales. However, it takes proper planning and execution to build a successful strategy with the help of affiliates. Continue reading