What holds the key to a successful social media campaign?

Surveys in the past have established that most top brands benefit from social media as their prospects engage with them on sites, such as Twitter and Facebook – more actively and more favorably. However, many corporate entities – especially the smaller one – still hesitate to use it largely because of certain misconceptions and apprehensions about it.

What is stopping you from using social media?

Several marketers do realize the fact that they must employ social media, but their realization and vision doesn’t necessarily mean that they are actually doing so, and if yes, not perhaps in the best possible way they should. What are their concerns that tend to prevent these marketers from proactive usage of new social media platforms? To maximize their potential, they must, in the first place, remove some social media myths in their minds.

Many marketers wrongfully believe that social media is quick in terms of results. It can work magic, they believe and when that does not happen, they altogether give it up or resort to conventional methods. This is not a wise idea.

Have a practical and pragmatic approach

Your marketing team’s approach towards social media should be practical and pragmatic. Remember, it essentially serves as a channel that allows a personalized connection and interaction with your consumers – both existing and prospective – though it may take a while before your digital media initiative will start delivering results to establish your products/ services in particular and your brand, in particular, on social media.

For example, you may want to sell certain consumer related products to your customers wherever they are based (taking into consideration, your area of operation) with help of popular social networks. You may opt for a new partnership that integrates your customer loyalty program with certain location-based platforms. This is an interesting idea, but if you think, the experiment would deliver fast, you are mistaken. For it to fructify, you need patience and perseverance as far as creating awareness among customers is concerned.

A cost effective way of targeting customers

To conclude, building presence and attaining visibility on social media can be time consuming, albeit not necessarily, resource consuming. It is a cost effective way of reaching out to your target audience and achieve the desired results. Of course, until you’re not able to fetch meaningful traffic, any of your social media initiatives would count for nothing.

With an increasingly tech-savvy audience, these networks are constantly adding more applications and features to sustain engagement. From a marketing perspective, constant innovation is critical to remain relevant for a dynamic social media spectrum. Patience and pertinence, as stated above, with a touch of innovation, holds the key to a successful campaign.