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Why should the sole purpose of your site not be to showcase ads?

You should know the certain policies followed by Google AdWords to allow E-Commerce or content portals to use the service. We shall acquaint ourselves with some of the basic aspects that you should keep in mind while designing your campaign or fine tuning your site for the ad display to avoid getting blacklisted. 

Google AdWords usually prohibits sites designed for the apparently primary or sole aim of showcasing ads. Practical examples of prohibited sites:

  • Interstitials on pages leading to those of ads or spammy sponsored offers
  • Sites that do nothing else but to prompt users to click on ads, redirecting them to other sites they are not interested in.

Learn to make your website acceptable

So how to make your site acceptable! An example of acceptable site is one that seems to harbor the core aim of providing useful, relevant, unique, and reader friendly subject matter that strives to fulfill their domain-specific information needs, as reflected through keyword. Obviously, Google needs to be convinced that showing ads is not their primary purpose.

What are the consequences of policy violation?

If your site happens to violate this policy by accident or by design, it may cause a range of penal actions, including disapproval of ads, your account suspension, disabling of domain and automated suspension even upon setting up new accounts.

Of course, you need to be careful in order to avoid such consequences. In spite of your best efforts and precautions, you can take some remedial action. What is that? And what is it that you may do in case your site gets disabled?

  1. Ideally, updated and ‘quality’ content, or relevant service should easily be made available to the users after they arrive at a site.
  2. Clicking on an ad should be left to their own discretion. It should appear a matter of choice and not compulsion.
  3. Even if the advertisements are perhaps relevant to the ad text, you should avoid the temptation of highlighting them.
  4. Present ads subtly and try to curtail the number of ads or space they take up. Interstitial or any one-page sponsored offer should be removed from your site.

Requesting a re-review

There are certain steps you need to follow for requesting a re-review of your site. Google periodically and automatically conducts re-reviews for sites that are negatively impacted by the arbitrage policy. The re-reviews will result in faster turnaround times as websites get re-enabled by the system itself if they are found to be in compliance. Advertisers receive a notification by email when the site is re-enabled.

Prior to following up on a temporary service disruption, make sure your website is back up & running. It can take up to 24 hours once you have corrected the mistakes for re-review of your site.