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Make your link building strategy more effective by considering the below tips:

1. Echo Successful Examples

Keep an eagle eye on your competitor’s links and look out for the type of link partners they have. Try to echo it or if possible get it from the same partner.

2. Active Webmaster Is The Key

Choosing an active webmaster is crucial. Ignore the webmaster who takes forever to place the link, go with the pro-active webmaster instead.

3. Identify Your Audience

Try to communicate with the owner; they will be able to take the decision in a fraction of second. Avoid indulging in a long process which also includes company politics. A simple call can make a big difference as it has the potential to yield common interests. Also search online for the information about the potential partner; it will help you to take conversation ahead.

4. Humanize

Humanize you brand. Maybe you are representing a company but if you try to be too formal they will react vice-versa. Be a person instead and share your opinions and interest. If the person you are talking to is like minded, most probably they are going to close the deal with you. It also makes the negotiation part much easier.

5. Outline Effectiveness

Ensure every step you are taking in link building process is effective. Is your information correct? Is the company really interested about your proposal? Are they going to place your link, if yes then is it the way you have imagined? Are they responding or reacting at all? By determining the answers of such question, you can take more effective steps towards link building.

6. Measure The Ranking Effect

Calculate the time and effort required for a link. To make your link building more effective, you should spread effort across several potential link partners. To generate a natural link profile, extend it across multiple link building strategies and partner types.

7. Make Information Incomplete Without a Link

Ensure that the mention seems incomplete without the link. Sometimes your link gets excluded despite mentioning your company name in desired content. By sermonizing multiple views on the same topic and including claims that are verified with proof, you can list your links more effectively.

8. Take Risk

“Not taking risk is the biggest risk” this quote describes our next tip clearly. Don’t be afraid to address sensitive topics, as those are the ones in which people are highly interested but only a few have the guts to take risk and write on it. Get the attention of those wondering souls by making bold statements.

9. Restrict Commercial Messages

Attracting links with products tend to be much easier as compared to the information. Products or services do attract links but command more efforts. People can link to special services and offers for the sake of readers or can also do it for money.

10. Relevant But Not Related Keywords

Getting links for least logical terms are much easier as compared to the others. You can also guide off-track visitors by exchanging links of words with multiple meanings.

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