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Contrasting scenarios emerge on the social media landscape

On the one hand, more and more people are looking to access social networking platforms via mobile phones. On the other hand, a section of users is seriously thinking to opt out of sites like Facebook largely owing to privacy concerns. Here we try to make sense of the situation and gauge which way things might actually go… Continue reading

What and who is driving ‘mobile’ social networking?

The huge popularity of applications for social networking among mobile users is resulting in a mutually beneficial partnership between wireless and social media players.  The new synergy allows one to do so in a cost-effective way. Let us find out more about some of the leading market players, who are capitalizing on the trend. Continue reading

How is social media benefiting franchise industry?

The success of franchise industry has been largely defined by its consistency and uniformity over time. But with the advent of Web-based communication tools, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc, the conventional business model is fast undergoing a change. The industry is being dramatically transformed by dynamic social media platforms. Indeed, potential investors now rely less on trade shows and offline franchise publications, to seek information about latest developments, thanks to online social networks. Not surprisingly, they depend more on social networks and blogs to make key decisions. Continue reading

Why and how to juxtapose Social Media and e-mail marketing?

The influence of Social Media is too stark and significant to be ignored in the online world. To put it simply, your clients, members, existing customers, and prospects are invariably engaged in a host of online activities; they are posting on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter, forwarding most-watched YouTube videos, or perhaps putting up comments on blogs. They are out there engaged in interesting conversations and sharing meaningful information relevant to your industry or business domain. Continue reading

Networks that help you keep pace with the dynamic landscape of Affiliate Marketing

If you as a merchant have an innovative service or product that you want to promote online, then Affiliate Marketing is just the perfect tool. An effective program will help your business generate greater customer leads and increased sales over time. In theory, it can fetch 20% of total online sales. However, it takes proper planning and execution to build a successful strategy with the help of affiliates. Continue reading

How can ‘Pay for Performance’ marketing be a win-win proposition?

‘Pay for Performance’ marketing, popularly known as Affiliate Marketing is one of the most gainful means of building reputation and making money online. In the previous post, we got acquainted with the basics of Affiliate Marketing, now one of the most established modes of Web-based marketing. Here are the various beneficial elements that can make it mutually beneficial for both merchants and affiliates: Continue reading

Basics of Affiliate Marketing and factors behind its success

Small-sized businesses today are confidently taking on their bigger counterparts thanks to rapid evolution of the Internet marketing techniques. In this new mix of things, Affiliate Marketing has fast grown in tandem with the advent of the Internet. Affiliate marketers sure are among the great success stories of today’s Internet Age. The online world has been witnessing an explosion of innovative ideas, services and exciting opportunities like Affiliate Marketing. In fact, it has now become a profitable activity that almost any aspiring individual can join in; and for most, the results are very impressive, at little cost! Continue reading

How can your business successfully leverage online community platforms?

The rapid emergence of dynamic community platforms probably has been among the most exciting developments in the domain of technology over the recent years. They have brought about a revolutionary change in digital marketing techniques by allowing even smaller companies to build communities on the Internet. Following are some of their advantages: Continue reading

How to personalize your request for a new connection on LinkedIn?

Most of us have already done this: signing into LinkedIn, glancing at the ‘People You May Know’ box and then recognize a few important names. They may well be college friends, former colleagues or perhaps professionals you have never met previously, who all would make a useful contact. Continue reading

What are the advantages of SMO to small businesses?

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a great tool that can ensure profitable running of online business entities on a sustained basis. It helps enhance your business credibility and reputation, as well as popularize the key services and products – at little cost to you. This ultimately boosts your profits. A consumer-driven website must employ SMO to leverage its inherent advantages. Continue reading