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Tracking your keyword performance in an ad campaign

Evaluating ad performance becomes easier with a comprehensive report that allows you to view pertinent data for all your ads, such as average position, CTR, cost, clicks as well as impressions. If you’ve a couple of ads in a group, they will typically be rotated. It is important to see how your key terms are generally doing to make modifications if and when it’s necessary. Continue reading

Basics of an effective Google AdWords campaign

For ensuring a successful Google AdWords campaign, the key is to sticking to the basics and also knowing what exactly your target audience expects from you. Highlight those aspects in your campaign. Once you spell out your goals, leveraging the powerful tool becomes that much easier. As is evident, with AdWords, what ultimately matters is the result your ad campaign produces in terms of increase in your sales, leads, subscriptions, downloads and ROI. Continue reading

Creating successful Google ads

There are a few basics elements, which collectively decide where and when your ad will appear.  If its rank isn’t high or up to your satisfaction, there is reason to get worried more so because the ad may fail to make it to the top search results.  Its rank is primarily determined by the Quality Score as well as the maximum cost-per-click (CPC) that you have set. Continue reading

Search Engine News Updates: March 07-12-2011

Welcome to another weekly edition of Search and Social updates — packed with announcement, alliance, disputes and axing down services or products, from Silicon Valley’s tech leaders like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Bing and others, as well as many more interesting Search Engine Optimization news from across the web…
AOL Acquires “Outside.In” A Hyperlocal Blog Service For Less Than $10M

Barely weeks after its purchase of the Huffington Post in a $315 million deal, AOL has once again embarked on an acquisition spree and is reportedly is reportedly purchasing local-news aggregator for… Read More

Microsoft Bing Makes Alliance With Kayak For Improved Travel Search

Software monopolist Microsoft in its battle with arch rival Google to present a better travel search, over the weekend announced its partnership with online travel search firm to bring flight search results to its… Read More

Google Rolls Out New AdSense Mobile Interface

People who make a serious amount of money using AdSense will now better be able to keep track of their earnings while on the go. In a nod to the myriad of smartphone users running AdSense on their sites or apps, Google just announced a new mobile-friendly interface for… Read More

Google Maps For Android Adds Twitter Integration To Push Location Reviews

Over the past few months Google has been pushing its location reviews pretty hard. Keeping in-touch with friends and family while using Google Maps on the move just got easier and even better. The search engine giant Google over the weekend has added something pretty… Read More

Microsoft Taps Rovio’s “Angry Birds” To Give Bing Search A Boost

A novel breed of advertisements that portrays the bad guys in one of the most popular series of videos on YouTube shows the villainous pigs using Microsoft’s search engine in their quest to locate and steal the birds’ eggs. And Conan O’Brien plays the world’s biggest game… Read More

Skype Targets Major Brands With Display Ads To Bolster Revenue Ahead Of IPO

Popular Internet communications service Skype, on Monday unveiled plans to roll out ads in its Windows-based desktop client in the U.S., Germany and the U.K. this week in a bid to develop a new revenue stream ahead of the company’s anticipated public offering… Read More

YouTube Acquires Next New Networks To Enhance Video Production

In a move to thwart new threats from Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and others in the emerging video on demand industry, Google’s popular online video sharing platform YouTube has acquired New York based original-video production and distribution platform Next New Networks… Read More

Facebook Makes Alliance With Warner Bros To Stream Rental Movies

In its march to become a portal to the emerging world of social, Warner Bros., is  the first major Hollywood studio to unveil an application allowing users to rent and watch movies directly on the popular social media network Facebook, starting with “The Dark Knight”… Read More

Google Enables Instant Previews For Android And iOS Devices

Mobile web search is getting snazzier, as the search engine titan Google on Tuesday unleashed a nifty feature that presents a practical overview of search result in the form of a snapshot of entire page called “Instant Previews” for mobile, a feature that will let users scroll through… Read More

Facebook Rolls Out Real Time Analytics Tool For Social Plugins

There is no secret that Facebook’s social plugins have been a raging success. In fact, it scattered across 2.5 millions websites, the plugins have become an important driver of traffic, particularly for publishers. And today, the popular social media networking giant Facebook announced the release… Read More

AOL Axes 20% Of Its Workforce Globally As It Integrates Huffington Post

Barely days after finalizing its deal with the Huffington Post, AOL Inc., on Thursday announced plans to terminate as many as 900 jobs globally as the company integrates the news website and restructures to try to return to revenue growth, according to a company memo sent by CEO Tim Armstrong, Bloomberg reported… Read More

Facebook Begins To Unfurl Redesigned Pages

Just a month ago, Facebook introduced a revamped version of Facebook Pages, effectively synchronizing the design of pages and profiles. Today, Facebook’s official Twitter account transmitted the following message: “The upgrade to Facebook Pages will be rolling out to all Pages today… Read More

Google Combats Inbox Overload With Gmail “Smart Labels” Classification Tool

Communicating via e-mail is still the bane of many people’s existence online, with messages appearing at a lightening speed like a blizzard spreading across your computer screen. Google on Wednesday unveiled a Gmail Labs feature called “Smart Labels,” to help its 150 million-plus users… Read More

Twitter, Facebook Serve As Vital Lifelines During Japan Earthquake

Just as Egypt has been pronounced as the Twitter revolution, so does Friday’s devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami that rocked Japan, was destined to become the Twitter disaster. Once again, social media networking sites Twitter and Facebook are serving as lifelines… Read More

Cross-network compatibility between adCenter & AdWords for trademark owners

Comparing Google and Microsoft trademark policies do have certain things in common and a few uncommon things. It is important that you are aware of the o the cross-network compatibility between adCenter & AdWords trademark policy implementations. Continue reading

Comparing Google and Microsoft trademark policies

A recent move on part of Microsoft to let advertisers bid on their competitors’ trademarks definitely needs a closer look. For the company, this particular step is likely to fetch higher revenue, as it opens up a popular new segment of key terms on adCenter platform and effectively bidding gets more intense on many of those trademarked brand terms in demand. Continue reading

Legal implications of bidding on your competitor’s trademarks

Microsoft has just unveiled a new update regarding its trademark policy. So now, it is possible to poach off trademarks of a competitor by bidding on them as key terms on Yahoo as well as Bing, just the way you have always been permitted to on Google. If you can bid on trademarks in AdWords and adCenter, does it really mean you can escape any legal action? Continue reading

Understanding differences between adCenter & Adwords and a new Quality Score feature

Perhaps you are a medium or small sized business owner who has been spending a considerable amount of time and energy meticulously planning out your Google PPC account. You understand the important role it plays for your promising and fast emerging business on the Web. It is quite understandable that you don’t have the inclination to repeat the whole exercise and perform it all over again for some other search engine. Continue reading

How Microsft adCenter will adjust the campaign budget?

We shall know about the specifics and certain key factors that come into play when you want set a budget on per month basis instead of daily basis and how you can divide it effectively across the month. For a budget per month option you divide it across the month, or spend it until depleted. Let us understand in a greater depth. Continue reading

Search Engine News Updates: March 01-04-2011

Welcome to another weekly edition of Search and Social updates — packed with announcement, alliance, disputes and axing down services or products, from Silicon Valley’s tech leaders like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Bing and others, as well as many more interesting Search Engine Optimization news from across the web…
Facebook Plans To Proceed With Address, Phone-Number Sharing Feature

Despite criticism from privacy advocates, users and even congressmen, popular social media network Facebook Inc., resolutely moving forward with an aborted roll-out of a controversial feature that allows third-party websites and applications request addresses and mobile-phone numbers… Read More

SocialEyes Unveils Group Video Chatting On Facebook

Facebook fans who wished there were truly another way to connect with friends [face to face] on computer screens can now rejoice, as a new start-up called SocialEyes on Monday debuted a service that lets people… Read More

Google Acquires German Security Firm Zynamics

In an attempt to secure both its users and some of the company’s various products, the search engine behemoth Google has just acquired a small German security firm called Zynamics for its software analysis tools… Read More

Facebook Snaffles Group Messaging Service Beluga

Popular social media giant Facebook on Tuesday snapped up yet another recently established start-up called Beluga, the one looking to command the suddenly hot again group messaging market, and founded by former Google employees which allows users to send group messages to… Read More

Skyfire 3.0 For iPhone App Gets Cozier With Facebook And Twitter

Skyfire, the first mobile browser that rose to fame last year for devising an app that brings Flash to Android, has just unveiled an enhanced version for the iPhone browser that tightly integrates the Facebook experience into the app and content recommendations and more… Read More

Facebook Bolsters Comments Widget For More Personalized Chats

The Palo Alto, California, social media networking giant Facebook on Tuesday unhinged its mighty jaws and consuming up the entire Internet with the blog announcement of an updated Comments Box plug-in for website publishers with more granular controls for moderating discussions and to… Read More

Microsoft: Bing “Deals” Scours Groupon, LivingSocial, Find Deals Nearby

Software monopolist Microsoft is not one to be left too far behind, responding to the online coupon frenzy on Thursday, unleashed Bing Deals, a clearinghouse of sorts for all of the deals that hundreds of deals sites offer on a daily basis, both on its desktop and mobile versions that gives thousands of unique offers spanning 14,000 cities and towns in the U.S… Read More