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Reasons to seek expert advice for online reputation management

In today’s complex business scenario, you need to follow what the world is saying about you and your company. This allows you to grasp the customer sentiment and take necessary corrective steps, if required. When your brand is discussed both online and offline, you must carefully listen to the talk. Of course, the task is easier said than done because of its immense intricacies. Continue reading

What holds the key to ensure sustainability of your online business?

In today’s extremely challenging and tough business environment, website Conversion Optimization is an area that you cannot simply ignore if you want your site to stay ahead of that of your competitors in terms of visibility and profitability. Indeed, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) has emerged as a crucial factor when it comes to ensuring sustainability of your online business. Continue reading

Basic elements of conversion optimization

Many e-commerce sites with a good business model have failed to click. The reason: Though they invested heavily in flashy designs, they simply overlooked the fact that they also needed to ‘sell’. Though the initial target of driving traffic to the site was achieved, the business sites faltered at the next hurdle – that of conversion. Continue reading

Tips to deal with customer feedback

A negative review means you might have missed out on a great business opportunity, hence it is very important to respond to reviews – positive or negative. Timely response to online reviews is the right approach to learn from your mistakes and build business goodwill. You should be more careful while dealing with vocal or touchy customers. Review sites let business owners respond in private or in public to user reviews. Continue reading

Why is it unwise to ignore local search and review sites?

Local review sites are clearly reshaping the way smaller businesses are operating. These sites apparently with a narrow focus have ‘virtually’ and literally become the new powerful Yellow Pages, acting as one-stop platforms that let customers locate a business in their requisite domain. By visiting them, they can also check independent reviews and critiques of its performance as well as track record, to finalize their purchase decisions. Continue reading

Key practical areas of social media marketing

A social media campaign, to put it succinctly, integrates different interactive tools and communication strategies into the many facets of marketing. Theory is no substitute for real-time experience and process of incorporating user-generated content (UGC), blogs and forums into a fine blend of online marketing. Continue reading

Social media campaign ROI and other aspects

There is absolutely no denying the fact that today’s dynamic consumer behavior is greatly influenced by what kind of information is posted on the Internet, and more so social media. In effect, it is critical to tap the vast audience base available on the networking sites. This is easier said than done. Continue reading

Tips to manage business reputation on social media

Digital media now makes it very convenient for customers to post feedback. There are hundreds of different review sites and forums on which comments about you and your brand may appear. Unlike most other traditional modes of marketing, social media acts as a two-way ‘conversation’ platform. It is not only the businesses that can engage with their customers but the latter can also communicate with them as well as other customers. Continue reading

Aspects to ensure success of your social media campaign

An increasing number of tech-savvy enterprises are using Twitter updates and corporate blogs to launch their new media strategy to let customers learn about new launches as well as address their concerns. Such forays are helping companies to win the customer confidence and grow their business. Continue reading