Monthly Archives: November 2011

Insights on social shopping and research process trends

According to a latest Social Shopping Study, many people now have integrated the various social media channels in all stages of the digital shopping process. The survey concludes that women are less likely than men to perform five of six designated social shopping activities. Continue reading

How to benefit from the opportunities in the realm of social shopping?

There has been a wide coverage of Facebook’s new features in the media. As already reported, developers can now build a Facebook commerce-driven experience, which is more relevant to avid shoppers and offer more effective social discovery also for sellers. They can get insights into user preferences and use the data to promote their products better. All these new opportunities are going to make shopping experience on the popular networking site more social and richer. Here are a few ways the changes are likely to fuel social commerce. Continue reading

Tips to build and manage social profile data of your users

Online behavior tracking technique has been employed for quite some time by Web marketers, but its tools and setups do not uniquely identify individual users, only designed to group them into specific audience segments; in terms of geographical, gender and usage patterns. Continue reading

Making human editors and algorithms work together for ‘real’ search data

The algorithms, which surface content for users on sites like Facebook and Google, are made possible by modern programming. But then a section of experts have their concerns. Why so? Here’s the reason: As users increasingly fetch news updates and information from curated or refined social channels, the trend of filtering at times isolates us and leaves our world view incomplete. Continue reading

Align yourself to new customer engagement metrics, here’s why!

What’s really pushing up the fast-changing consumer behavior pattern is the latent multiplier network effect of the user chain deftly built through the self-generated and widely circulated content plus the resultant cumulative knowledge base. Continue reading

Useful ideas to boost ‘Mobile SEO’ efficiency of your site

In the next few years mobile web access, it is expected, will surpass the internet usage on desktops and laptops. Undoubtedly, the future growth trajectory lies in the vast wireless realm. Here are a few aspects, which need to be kept in mind, to ensure that your website is thoroughly optimized by following best mobile SEO practices: Continue reading

Relevance of the Googlebot and Mobile Content

Website owners cannot or should not ignore mobile as a powerful organic marketing channel. To leverage it to the best possible extent, it is necessary to structure a business site in a suitable and optimum manner for mobile phones so as the target audience is able to engage in best possible manner, and feels encouraged to purchase your products or services. Continue reading

Seven key aspects of URL structure for serving mobile content

Unless your site/content is appealing for mobile users, you won’t be able to tap the full potential of this powerful marketing avenue. Here are a few useful recommendations that you can implement to make this possible by following the proper URL structure for mobile content. Continue reading

How to ensure branding through SEO of key YouTube page elements?

YouTube is among the most popular platforms for online video viewing. Marketers should look to leverage it by constantly uploading new product-oriented videos, catchy commercials and other interesting clips to it. This is necessary to access the general public that forms its vast audience base. Optimizing for YouTube will help popularize the brand on the internet and engage your prospects in a proactive manner. Continue reading