Align yourself to new customer engagement metrics, here’s why!

What’s really pushing up the fast-changing consumer behavior pattern is the latent multiplier network effect of the user chain deftly built through the self-generated and widely circulated content plus the resultant cumulative knowledge base.

Significance of the Sales 3.0 marketing tools

Today’s powerful social platforms are creating aware community through influencers and vocal opinion makers who help create a buzz about a product or service, idea or innovation, allegation or appreciation, to members in the network they belong to.

In effect, Facebook and Twitter have emerged as the Sales 3.0 marketing tools, overpowering many other traditional sales & marketing methods. The former are revolutionizing the very landscape of customer interaction. This development is quite significant for emerging entrepreneurs and even established smaller business owners, keen to carve a niche for themselves in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

Emergence of more informal channels and communities

It is time that businesses at the lower or middle rung of hierarchy in terms of scale and reach actively revamp their traditional brand building exercise by aligning themselves to the new customer engagement metrics that’s rapidly evolving itself. Take for example Twitter…

With the advent of this microblogging platform, the dependence on existing formal communication channels has evaporated. There are now more informal channels and communities to bank upon, both for the businesses and consumers to exchange their respective views and ideas.

Enhance your brand power in social media realm

It is no more easy to upscale your business model, boosting the profit margins quarter-on-quarter (QoQ). This applies to every entrepreneur harboring local, national or global growth aspirations. In the face of today’s highly challenging business scenario and intense competition, you need to enhance your brand power on a continual basis.

If you are eager to reach out to prospects in a cost effective manner, the networking formula needs to be put to the best possible use. For this, you need to understand the changed dynamics of complex communication landscape. The public goodwill and reputation has always been important for credibility of a brand.

Previously, the chain of interaction was largely controlled by the businesses and interactions were mostly one way not so long ago. People could be a part of the relationship building process only in a passive manner. They were needed to decode the brand message in isolation. However, the situation has undergone a drastic change…

In the new social media realm, the flow of information is no more the monopoly of businesses. In essence, as the relationship landscape gets more dynamic and more proactive and more interactive than ever, it has become imperative for business owners to understand new customer engagement metrics.

Now reputation building and trust-making happen on social media channels because that’s where the new-generation customers belong to. Leveraging them is a must for marketers in order to remain tuned to the aspirations of their prospects in order to grasp their mindset.