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Skill of spotting ‘contagious’ stories is this site’s success formula

The creation of MIT Media Lab graduate, Jonah Peretti, this is a news+search+social site that leverages his immense expertise in fathoming content likely to be most ‘liked’. He first used that acumen at The Huffington Post, brewing up a bubbling cauldron of goofy cat shots and tatty celebrity news behind a leading page of serious news, analysis and commentary. Now, the foresighted expert has developed technologies, which lets his brainchild very quickly determine what media content flow is dominating at a given point. Continue reading

7 ideas to leverage social media to boost your career prospects

Google+, Twitter and Facebook offer a great scope to form meaningful professional contacts, to help connect with top companies, enhance your professional reputation, gain exposure to job market, know about vacancies, and ultimately, fulfill your ambitious career dreams. In this post, we shall discuss ways and means of  leveraging the various social media channels to propel your career graph. Continue reading

Watch out for your social score

Several leading companies in the domain of social scoring are further refining their processes, using more nuanced methods to sift through vast data and evaluating as many social networks.  Klout has already announced its decision to incorporate LinkedIn profiles for the same. PeerIndex states that it is at the start of this long journey and expects it to reach more nuance and granularity during the journey. Continue reading

Tips to monitor and manage your links

There are two broad types of authorities to define links’ relevance – Absolute authority and relative authority. Sites such as Google’s blog and The Daily Beast can be classified as the absolute authority. These are also termed ‘informational’ authorities as against navigational authorities (DMOZ, for instance). Continue reading

Basics of content writing to draw authority links

Getting an authority link to a business site or personal blog is one of the most crucial elements of widening its reach and increasing its popularity. To put it simply, your blog or site cannot afford to exist in isolation. It must build a niche for itself in the realm of link building. Domain Level Authority and Page Level Link Metrics features still account for a large chunk of your webpages own authority, clearly suggesting link building remains an important factor to your website/ blog’s success from the SEO point of view. Of course, it’s not just any trivial link will do the job for you. Continue reading

Six strategies to optimize social reach of your content

A ubiquitous webpage now finds a more lively and dynamic reflection as a tweet, a link, an update on Facebook, a reblog on Tumblr, or an email link. The age of ‘fast-traveling and rapidly moving content’ is truly upon us. It’s an outcome of the Internet’s social evolution and the changing landscape of online search. Businesses have only started to grapple with the strategy to deal with the scenario. Two aspects demand their attention in this context. Continue reading

Solutions to widen the reach and enhance value of your content

An array of smart tools has arrived on the scene in recent times to facilitate the task of publishers to reach out to new audiences and discover potential prospects even as they strive to hold on to the existing user base. In popularizing your content, there is both quality and quantity, the volume as well as relevancy that matter a great deal. Getting more and more readers won’t be of much help if your content fails to bring value, the following solutions can allow publishers to create a sustained user interest. Continue reading

A couple of turnkey tools for effective content distribution online

Today, the key resource in the online publishing world is target audience. To compete for fickle reader attention has become the challenge for established and upcoming bloggers or blogging platforms. They are finding that they not only need to create better content, but also have to work out a way to make people notice them. In this context, turnkey tools for optimum content distribution have acquired a great deal of importance. Continue reading

How to deal with a spate of sudden commenting?

Astute brand managers and marketers are carefully analyzing the trend of rising comment counts on social networks. In keeping with the trend, consumer-oriented businesses have started paying greater attention to the process of proactively engaging the users from point of view of product and service promotion. Continue reading

A ‘social’ menace acquires worrying proportions

Have you ever suspected that your Facebook account is probably spamming your friends? Have you ever checked this with them? Have you been lured by a free product offer or gift vouchers and clicked on it? Do you know that the offer can include a link carrying Web-hijacking malware? The looming threat of social spam is intensifying in the face of rising popularity of networking sites. So you need to watch out. Continue reading