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Basics of content writing to draw authority links

Getting an authority link to a business site or personal blog is one of the most crucial elements of widening its reach and increasing its popularity. To put it simply, your blog or site cannot afford to exist in isolation. It must build a niche for itself in the realm of link building. Domain Level Authority and Page Level Link Metrics features still account for a large chunk of your webpages own authority, clearly suggesting link building remains an important factor to your website/ blog’s success from the SEO point of view. Of course, it’s not just any trivial link will do the job for you.

More credible the site/resource the link is originating from, the higher the link’s impact. A fundamental tactic to attract authority links is very simple: Publish content worth a link. And what are the attributes of such pages. Here are some of the basics of content writing to draw authority links.

Establish your identity with informative and stylish prose

A series of detailed articles tends to fill an obvious gap existing in the web information arena with well-reasoned arguments, expert opinion, timely tips, recommendation, and advice. This content should also define you as a writer as readers start to identity with your style, format and presentation. In essence, it’s vital to establish up front exactly what your blog posts/site content is going to offer in terms of user relevance for it to be successfully shared.

Narrate personal stories with a human touch

Some part of the text should ideally carry interesting tidbits, or personal stories with a human touch that will helps people easily associate with you not merely as an authority but also as a person so that they know who you are and vice versa. This bonding is very crucial. If you talk in the language of your audience about issues of concern to them, probability of success is higher.
Other tricks for linkbait purposes

Catchy and spicy content nuggets should form a small fraction of your posts or articles on the site just to build additional interest. Some cryptic remarks, random observations, and off-beat comments you make about a high-profile person or idea can draw fans’ ire, which you can channelize in a positive way. These tricks are largely for linkbait purposes and not to hurt people.

Be consistent to build an archive of articles

Building up a blog/site infused with such wide variety of content will obviously take time. You may not pick up straightway natural authority link/s out of the blue. It needs patience and persistence to build a solid archive of quality content. Then only it makes sense to approach the domain-specific authority sites and seek a link. Provide them with a good reason to link back and they are more likely to oblige.

The emphasis should be on writing and presenting dynamic content, which fetches ‘editorial in-content’ Web links.