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A knowledge-driven data resource changes dynamics of search

Here is a resource that sells precise data sets to independent software developers and corporations on a sliding scale, depending on the actual usage of information. Contracts with its top customers carry the million dollar tags. Sometimes, it trades data with other entities, to boost its own resources. Funded by a constellation of known Silicon Valley luminaries, Factual boasts thousands of customers – CitySearch, AT&T, Facebook, Newsweek and a host of other businesses seek its services for information-based intelligence. Continue reading

6 tips to build a solid social foundation for your organization

For businesses yet to avail of enterprise social networking, it is high time to do a rethink or else they face risk of losing their competitive advantage because internal collaboration along with cross-functional integration hold the key to efficient organizations in today’s competitive climate. A long-term approach to integration, mobility and community-building is critical to successful social networking within the workplace irrespective of geographical barriers. Continue reading

Amit Singhal speaks about Google’s Algorithm Changes

With Amit Singhal being announced the keynote speaker of Google, here are some of the areas he enlightened people on.

The very first thing that was made clear by Mr. Singhal, when asked was no revenue measurement is included in the evaluation of rankings change. The changes are made with a sole purpose to deliver more accurate search results to queries. Hence, he also talked about the improvisations, and time-to-time changes this search engine makes to deliver better results.

Continue reading

Key takeaways from Local Search Ranking factors 2012 report

Although the landscape of local search has changed quite significantly over time, the fundamental aspects of getting ranked higher in local search results as far as Google is concerned  have not really dramatically strayed from past years. That sure is one of the key takeaways from the just released report on Local Search Ranking factors. Continue reading

Understanding the basics of Pinterest to drive traffic

Much brouhaha has been generated Pinterest, its popularity, its fast-growing community and the site’s ability to fetch traffic. But it’s like most other social networks- Digg, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc. Yes it’s possible throwing up a picture of Ryan Gosling ‘Hey Girl-ing’ a cute kitten or Ryan Reynolds shirtless will get you endless number of repins. However, it will seldom result in any meaningful traffic through to your site.  Before you start thinking BIG, you need to understand the basics of Pinterest usage. Continue reading

3 core aspects of your content marketing plan

Confused consumers are not finding it easy to cope up with the wave of content flooded by brands, keen to market their products and services through as many mediums and format as possible – websites, blogs, online magazines, Twitter campaigns, Facebook profile pages, YouTube channels etc.  The question to be asked is: Are brand managers over-estimating the extent to which consumers can digest content? Continue reading

A meta-search engine for theme specific activities and unique travel ideas

There is always no better time than NOW to opt for a much-deserved break. When thinking of a travel plan, many people are keen to opt for something unconventional. Obviously, not every one of us seek serene sightseeing, and instead prefer an odd adventure for shaking off the lethargy. For such people, adrenaline sports are among the most thrilling options. But where to search for them? Continue reading

Is Apple distancing itself from Google and moving closer to Facebook?

With the iPhone now accounting for about 58 percent of its revenue in the latest quarter, Apple is constantly looking to upgrade its operating system in order to overpower the devices running Android that made for almost 60 percent of smartphone shipments globally in the first financial quarter, compared with 23 percent of the iPhone, according to IDC. Continue reading

Features and advantages of enterprise social networks

The phenomenon of enterprise social networks has witnessed impressive growth and innovation in recent few years, dramatically altering information & knowledge silos in corporations. They have succeeded in unlocking and releasing knowledge across groups, teams, departments, and even company boundaries. The new wave of enterprise social collaboration aims on ushering an easier to use social business technology, which is more pervasive and more accessible than ever before. Continue reading

Tools to keep count of your social influence

Keeping in with the growing dominance of social media, many allied services and utilities have fast emerged on the scene, all claiming to accurately score social influence of a brand or an individual professional on basis of their following, reach and activity. These avenues not just consider the total number of friends/ followers, but also evaluate the influence index in qualitative terms – to assign specific score. They are constantly refining methodology to sift through a vast pool of information and incorporate both generic and niche social networks in the process. Continue reading