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Understanding the basics of Pinterest to drive traffic

Much brouhaha has been generated Pinterest, its popularity, its fast-growing community and the site’s ability to fetch traffic. But it’s like most other social networks- Digg, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc. Yes it’s possible throwing up a picture of Ryan Gosling ‘Hey Girl-ing’ a cute kitten or Ryan Reynolds shirtless will get you endless number of repins. However, it will seldom result in any meaningful traffic through to your site.  Before you start thinking BIG, you need to understand the basics of Pinterest usage.

  • When you are signed onto it, simply click your Pinterest username at the top-right toolbar, and click Edit Profile. You can choose to add or remove Pinterest to the Facebook Timeline. You may do so by clicking the slider. OFF will take out Pinterest from the Facebook Timeline. ON will insert your chosen pins to the Facebook Timeline. You need to click ‘Save Profile’ when you are finished.
  • Once you are signed in, click your username, and click ‘Edit Profile’. Then select the checkbox for hiding your account from search indexes. Ensure you have clicked ‘Save Profile’. This change will not take effect immediately since the site can’t flush Google’s cache. However, their information is regularly updated by them and your account will be hidden soon.
  • You need to understand the subtle difference between repinning and Liking. Liking a pin, one needs to keep in mind, will add the image to Likes section of profile; the image doesn’t get added to one (or more) of your boards.
  • Repinning, on the other hand, an image lets you categorize it onto any of your boards. Then you can opt to edit a repin’s description. The source-link of an image gets automatically saved, no matter it’s repined for how many times.
  • It is important to allow other people to contribute to your own board. For adding contributors, go to that board, then click ‘Edit’. Change the setting ‘Me + Contributors’ from from ‘Just Me’. You need to follow one board at least that belongs to a user so as to add the person as a contributor. By typing the respective username into the given text field, potential matches to it will be thrown up; when the name of the person you want is loaded, check it. Click Add. Do not forget to click ‘Save Board Settings’.
  • So what’s the secret of getting thousands of repins from your personal or official page on it? Well, it is important to research about the mindset of Pinterest community, and accordingly devise your strategy to leverage the popular social site. It’s nothing but about knowing exactly what the community wants.
  • The key is to understanding the mindset of Pinterest community. An important aspect to remember is that the site users are keen to share and repin novel ideas, creative thoughts and any useful piece of advice. Like all other online social networks, there is a certain science or logic behind building your popularity on Pinterest, which will provide your content the best possible chance of making it to top of the popular board.