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Features and advantages of enterprise social networks

The phenomenon of enterprise social networks has witnessed impressive growth and innovation in recent few years, dramatically altering information & knowledge silos in corporations. They have succeeded in unlocking and releasing knowledge across groups, teams, departments, and even company boundaries. The new wave of enterprise social collaboration aims on ushering an easier to use social business technology, which is more pervasive and more accessible than ever before.

A vast pool of information is often available, albeit scattered unevenly distributed for marketers to find. This creates a less satisfactory end user experience. The key to it is communication for which expertise within the organization should be accessible for sales, marketing and customer service representatives. An array of in-house social networks have arrived on the scene for the purpose of increasing internal collaboration, to help companies reach their sales targets and customer service goals. What are the features and advantages of social intranets or enterprise social networks, as they are popularly known?

  • Focused social networks within the organization allow communication to take place in real-time, and help professionals stay tuned to the buzz in social realm. It becomes convenient and simple to engage socially with what’s really relevant to them, enhancing co-ordination and revenue generation.
  • They establish a direct communication channel with key customer groups, who post their good or bad experiences with a brand. This is a perfect way of directly and authentically engaging prospects. With a focused customer community, it is possible for brand representatives to turn prospects into staunch brand advocates, identify the best influencers, and increase customer loyalty.
  • In essence, empowering employees with greater knowledge and ultimately turning your customers into loyal brand advocates is the core idea of initiating conversations. Harnessing enterprise social networks lets corporate understand their market and build brand reputation.
  • Look for one that does not simply follow a cookie cutter method, and instead looks to work towards developing a solution suited to your specific business demands – right from project inception to monitoring so that you get to hear what your prospects, existing customers, competitors and business stakeholders are saying about your products, services and overall brand experience. It thus simplifies the task of following customer issue and exploring lucrative business opportunities by keeping a tab on every single tweet, blog post, comment, or key update.
  • A dynamic social business network essentially transforms the work culture by infusing proven methodologies as well as best possible practices to each engagement in the enterprise. It will combine the familiarity and simplicity of Facebook or Twitter-style activity streams with capable filtering to remove irrelevant stuff and deliver the information pertinent to people’s interests.
  • You may seek personalized and meticulously curated streams that focus on specific areas of user interest so as to aggregate a specific combination of content for keeping track of particular departments, projects, people, and activities.
  • Enterprise social network can integrate apps seamlessly into the social business workflow – a functionality made available via public cloud service. This is a new paradigm not only for social business, but also for business applications as a whole, leading to an integrated experience.