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How has your Life been after Google’s Penguin Update? – Diagnose, Recover, Rebuild

Google’s Penguin update, sounds familiar? Let us go back in time. What was the Penguin update?

It was an algorithmic update that was announced on April 24, 2012. This update targeted those websites that violated Google Webmaster Guidelines. It aimed at lowering search engine ranking of those websites that used black-hat SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing, cloaking, using duplicate content and spamming. It approximately affected 3.1% of English search queries and 3% of queries in languages like Chinese, Arabic and German. Continue reading

5 secrets of successful social media conversation

Whether you are looking to build your own brand equity as a domain expert, your business identity as whole, or promote a specific product/ service in the social realm, your basic approach will remain the same. This holds true for each company or individual irrespective of their current standing. Social media is democratic in a sense that it offers equal opportunity to all to develop a strong and niche presence. It’s a powerful and cost effective avenue for increasing conversions, and further boosting sales as well as profits. Continue reading

How to evaluate a resource for guest posting?

With the growing challenges in the realm of SERPs, many businesses and agencies online are recognizing the need for effective usage of techniques, such as guest posting that can propel the search engine rankings. Guest posting seems a very easy method to push though, but it demands a combination of high-quality writing skills and expert advice for the technique to work. It’s the actual execution that will determine whether the links collated indeed are high-quality. Continue reading

Things to consider when selecting a potential link partner

For qualifying a potential link partner, you obviously should look for the compatibility factor. Though, checking the site content need not be a full-fledged, thorough and time consuming exercise. Rather look for indications in the form of titles and the About page. Basic article titles and intros can inform you not only what the overall site is about, but also its tone and approach and whether the website matches your business profile. Continue reading

Why is it vital to assess and analyze qualified leads?

If you are not monitoring and measuring, you are not successfully marketing, they say. Now when it’s about measuring, a plethora of norms and benchmarks are there for marketers to opt for. Probably, among the most basic ones is website tracking or analytics, more specifically. Time and again, we come across SMB owners who either fail to track their key site stats and usage figures, or, don’t really realize what they should be looking at even if they have some sort of analytics installed. Continue reading

Google alters its search algo to punish copyright violators

Google’s love-hate relationship with content creators has just got better. Early this week, Google announced that it will be altering its search results algorithm to fight piracy and punish copyright violators. This change has been specifically made to limit pirated material on the web.

In the latest update its emphasis is on websites that either indulge in or have a history of copyright infringement. This has also come as a warning to the content creators of various websites that promote piracy.
Continue reading

How digital technology is influencing the US Presidential campaigns?

If America’s presidential campaigns are to an extent keen contests over which candidate can master fast-changing landscape of communications technology, for now Barack Obama holds a clear lead over his challenger, Mitt Romney. According to a new analysis of how their respective campaigns are employing digital media to talk with voters directly, bypassing the traditional media, the Obama campaign managers have posted almost four times more content as that of Romney campaign. The former have been proactive on nearly twice as many social platforms. Also, his digital content has managed to engender far more response – double the number of views, comments and shares of his posts. Continue reading

Weigh risks and benefits of your employees’ social media usage

Whether social networking can indeed reduce or increase productivity, it all really boils down to each individual’s mindset and the overall work environment. There are benefits at the business level if someone, through his or her social network, manages to resolve a pressing issue much quicker than he or she would have done otherwise, just as there will be few others who spend a large chunk of time on the social networks planning their next holiday. Continue reading

Search algorithms of Google tweaked to tackle Copyright Infringement

Google has stated it would be altering its search algorithms so as to favor sites, which offer ‘legitimate copyrighted’ music, television, movie and other content. It added that next week onwards this change would account for the number of copyright removal notices (which are valid) sites had got. Those with such multiple regarding copyright infringement might be pushed lower in its search results. Continue reading

Companies turn to social media for consumer research

While most consumers may treat social media sites, such as Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook as avenues to interact with friends and post musings, brands like Samuel Adams and Wal-Mart are turning them into logical extensions of market research divisions. And many companies are just starting to figure out how to utilize the huge amount of information and insight available. Continue reading