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News_keywords metatag: the coolest new tag for your news articles

What if you are searching for “WALL ST. LAYS AN EGG” (an impressive and catchy headline given by “Variety” after the historic 1929 stock market crash) and Google’s algorithm machine presents you with some sort of a biological association to it? But actually what you were curiously looking for was  the news article about the stock market crash! Continue reading

How does quality score affect ecommerce advertisers?

Developing a strong pay-per-click campaign takes time and efforts (in equal measures). You just cannot launch one and sit with your feet up and forget about it. And one of the most important factor in paid search is Quality Score. Just to get back to the roots, Quality Score measures the relevancy between your keywords, ads, landing pages and consumer search queries. Since Google pays a lot of importance to user experince, Quality score does the same. Continue reading

Want to build a credible website? Know how…

Building a website with good design is just a beginning, and not an end of your job. People often think that a beautiful website will work wonders for the business. But, a good design is only a factor of sales.

Good sales require good credibility. But… but… but! How to build the credibility that would bring you sales? Here are some tips to follow: Continue reading

Best Practices for Mobile Website Optimization

People are spending more and more time on their mobile phones than ever before. This new world of marketing has definitely taken everybody by storm. In fact, most one-third of the world’s total population uses their mobile devices to perform Internet searches. Take a look at some interesting data below. And it is even more fascinating to see how usage mobile varies between different parts of the world. Continue reading