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Sometimes we tend to forget about the basics and run behind shiny things. This is also true when it comes to SEO because as we know that things change drastically, we have convinced ourselves that the more complex the strategy we implement, the better our position will be. But is that really the case? We don’t think so! Sometimes, the simplest of SEO strategies are the best.

Below are 3 simple, proven and tested SEO strategies that work wonders.

Killer User Experience

If you want a perfect, powerful and efficient SEO strategy, create the best user experience you possibly can.

Often we see lack of teamwork when it comes to UX. Most of the times, all the teams namely, UX, SEO, Design & IA don’t collaborate with each other; despite the fact that the foundation of SEO is user experience. And that is why your SEO strategies will not work unless your websites offer good user experience.

Good SEO commands great content, a functional website, easy navigation, relevant keywords and quality backlinks.

See the point?

Every facet of SEO somehow gets back to producing a great user experience. And when you ignore this fundamental concept, you are actually ignoring the very basics of SEO. But when you enhance the user experience, you improve your SEO in that particular aspect.

Title Tag

The most noticeable element on a search engine result page is the Title Tag. Title tags are so basic that they often get ignored; despite the fact that it is the first thing a user notices about your website.

Experts say that after content, title tag is the 2nd most vital on-page factor that affects SEO.  So here are some valuable tips to optimize your title tag.

Auto generated title tags are your enemies. WordPress could create one for you, but sticking to it will cost you visitors. So first analyze what could possibly be the best title tag that sums up your whole content in an appealing way.

  • Don’t try to stuff your titles with keywords, use a keyword which also describes the title.
  • Keep your title tag in the front; it’s helpful for both the search engines and the users.
  • It should guide the user, so make sure that you’re making title tags for humans.

More Content

Due to the content marketing boom, we did get a lot of content but the internet also exploded with low-quality content. Content that has been created for the sake of SEO is neither good for the search engines nor for the users. Some content marketers have become really exhausted by “too much content” and some are even asking who will consume this much content on a daily basis.

But the fact is, there are billions of people who search with different intentions and keywords. They get a lot of choices while searching for content and finally proceed with the best. So I would say that “Too much content is not the problem, but low-quality content is”.

We have been analyzing and working on many websites. We wrote content for many of our clients and intensified their blog posts, social media posts  & more. And guess what? We got overwhelming results. Their website traffic boosted and we see an unbelievable amount of visitors. Also, we registered a decent number of unique visitors.

It means that more content is good as long as it’s great. Your audience is looking for content and if you produce and provide high-quality content, then you can reign supreme and fulfill your goals of getting high traffic.


SEO has never been easy. No matter if you are a pro or a beginner, there are always things to learn, techniques to adopt & areas of knowledge to grow. The more you understand and master the basics, the higher the chances of becoming an SEO expert or marketer.

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