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5 features of a professional PPC ad campaign

PPC advertising is a vital aspect to fetch affiliate sales. Knowing how and where to initiate your campaign will ensure you optimize your ad spends. For successful Pay Per Click marketing, there are several key things like knowing your market, being aware of your prospects’ needs, and where to send your targeted affiliate traffic to should be considered.

You can either direct your visitors to your landing page, or can send them to directly the vendor’s page. The best approach is the former one, in most cases. You are pre-selling by utilizing your own affiliate sites. Among the major PPC engines employed are Google Adwords and Microsoft adCenter.

If employed judiciously, a pay per click (PPC) ad campaign sure can serve as a major resource of traffic across the Web. It efficiently presents your specific product offering or brand proposition to those looking for relevant products and services online. Fully transparent in nature, its ROI is demonstrable. It can be easily quantified. Importantly, the campaign can be monitored and modified from time to time to focus on the target audience.

Here are some handy ideas to make your PPC campaign profitable.

  1. It is vital to understand the user mindset for prompting them to buy the product. By studying and analyzing your demographics, you can ensure a good pre-sell page.
  2. A well-conceptualized and user friendly pre-sell landing page can boost sales rates. Avoid test-selling of affiliate products by directly sending visitors to the vendors’ sales page.
  3. Elaborate campaigns are difficult to optimize so don’t straightaway launch a large campaign. Opt for a smaller albeit specific group of terms. Keep them in highly focused groups with their own relevant ads.
  4. Bid high on the important keywords. This may cost you a bit more money, but a high click-through rate can help you lower bids and attain a better ranking, while gradually being able to reduce bids. Experiment with your PPC ad campaign till you manage a high CTR.
  5. Raise bid amount on terms that earn. Bid for those Keywords, which convert at say 50% (or less) of what you actually stand to gain from a sale, up. Conversely, delete keywords that fail to make a sale despite having spent 100% of what you might earn. They are proving to be drain on your precious resources so remove them. The Terms that are fetching higher conversions should be at the core of your campaign.

It takes a great deal of insight and research to manage a PPC campaign and customize it to a client’s precise needs. Keeping this in consideration, make it a point to choose a professional and efficient PPC Management service comprised of a wide array of client friendly features. Seeking expert’s help in the task of creating a good landing page is always advisable.