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5 features of a professional PPC ad campaign

PPC advertising is a vital aspect to fetch affiliate sales. Knowing how and where to initiate your campaign will ensure you optimize your ad spends. For successful Pay Per Click marketing, there are several key things like knowing your market, being aware of your prospects’ needs, and where to send your targeted affiliate traffic to should be considered. Continue reading

A more user friendly Microsoft Advertising Search Network interface

Microsoft’s adCenter platform is set to launch enhanced capabilities to the market at the advertiser level as well as in modifying relevance algorithms (matching, pricing, ranking, the black box etc). The whole exercise is geared up towards providing advertisers with greater control and more transparency. Let us get a quick recap of some of the enhancements lined up for the Advertising’s Search Network of Microsoft: Continue reading

Legal implications of bidding on your competitor’s trademarks

Microsoft has just unveiled a new update regarding its trademark policy. So now, it is possible to poach off trademarks of a competitor by bidding on them as key terms on Yahoo as well as Bing, just the way you have always been permitted to on Google. If you can bid on trademarks in AdWords and adCenter, does it really mean you can escape any legal action? Continue reading

Understanding differences between adCenter & Adwords and a new Quality Score feature

Perhaps you are a medium or small sized business owner who has been spending a considerable amount of time and energy meticulously planning out your Google PPC account. You understand the important role it plays for your promising and fast emerging business on the Web. It is quite understandable that you don’t have the inclination to repeat the whole exercise and perform it all over again for some other search engine. Continue reading

Countdown for switchover from Yahoo! Search Marketing to adCenter

It is time to get ready your account for a smooth transition to Microsof adCenter from Yahoo Search Marketing account, with the deadline fast approaching.  Most users are already in the process of finishing the process or have already done so. The combined scale and reach of the two companies is aimed at letting them speed up the pace of innovation for providing a better search user experience, and assisting advertisers derive better results. Continue reading

Ingredients of superior PPC Management’s services

Among the most popular Pay Per Click (PPC) engines are Microsoft adCenter, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and last but not the least, Google Adwords. A precise PPC Management Service comprises of several user-friendly and search friendly features that together give complete overview of your comprehensive PPC campaigns. Continue reading

Crucial aspects that play a role in effective PPC

Pay Per Click or PPC ads are snappy sentences of limited characters that pack a punch and attract the Internet users. Among the major PPC engines are Yahoo! Search Marketing, Microsoft adCenter, and Google Adwords. The method is as follows: Advertisers bid on keyword phrases, which they feel are relevant to their market or target audience, and pay the host when any of these is clicked. Blog sites usually charge a fixed amount per click instead of following a bidding system. Continue reading