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The year 2015 brought along these 8 actionable takeaways. Let’s look at what they talk about.


This year of June saw the SEO Ranking Factors being discussed upon by the smartest of minds from the industry like Cyrus Shephard, Marcus Tober, Danny Sullivan, etc. SMX advanced was what it was called.

With workshops like ‘Social PPC & Psychographic Display Intensive‘ along with local SEO strategies for managing multiple locations.

Now, let’s look at the 8 important factors about ranking, as disclosed in the 2015 SEO Ranking Factors.

1. Understanding & satisfaction of user intent

The evolution of SEO has now seen the importance of user experience & intent rise on top, bringing down elements like keywords by a degree.  While optimizing a page, it’s the user intent that is trailed by the keyword and not vice-versa. In the process, pen down things user’s primarily needs, his questions and the purpose of his search.

Connect user’s questions to their intent, then the intent to your topic for natural keywords. The user will have his search sufficed the very minute he has his problem solved.

2. Look for a Backlink on a News site

Backlinks are important, although not all are built equal.

Press releases will help you with presence & visibility that’d get you backlinks from authoritative news websites. ‘Help a Reporter Out (HARO)’ will get you reporters. Be an authoritative spokesperson in your niche with Personal Branding.

Require an assertive presence with industry forums to draw in news network attention. Also, be actively involved in community affairs to be mentioned & linked in local papers. Utterance about current events via blogs to be a source of research via news sites.

3. Improvise upon Link Building

The importance of Link Building for SEO has been increasing since 2014. There was a time when link building was spammy and blotch. But the present era seeks the importance of the same if dealt with carefully. As the algorithms and researchers state, sites still need links to rank and search results have risen due to links. Old-school link building needs to be over-shadowed by the present-era link building for a stronghold in the market.

4. Relevant Keywords

Keywords are important even today, but they need to be pertinent. Irrelevant keywords give rise to questions that lead to time ticking slowly. Your topic needs to bring out keywords that are not exactly related to it. For instance, a topic that talks about a ‘dog’ would have keywords like trainer, disc & balls, kennel, etc. Avoid keywords like breed, fur, mammal, etc.

5. Interactive Essence

Interactive elements lure in users & help in ranking higher. Interactive elements allow the user to look through in an easier manner since he is able to relate himself to the elements portrayed. Also, making things interactive squirts up the level of interest for you since you try to add in a creative aspect. A few of the interactive content ideas could be like quizzes, images & videos, embedded tweets, long content, links etc.

If time doesn’t permit all of this, try doing it via great websites, navigations and interfaces.

6. Easy Legibility

Research has suggested that easily readable content brings about higher rankings. So why don’t you try it out? All you’ve got to do is make sure you content is long enough, up to 300 words and set up in an attractive manner. Also, make sure all of the words are aligned in a grammatically correct order with the help of expert human graders.

7. Use Structured Lists

Pages would be turned at the very sight of cluttered paragraphs. Make sure your content is set up in an orderly manner. A list is something that attracts users.

8. Use HTTPS

Many ranking changes haven’t been seen since Google mentioned about HTTPS being a ranking signal. Research talks about considering secure connection. After the release of the HTTPS algorithm, brands seem to have small percentages of increased visibility. Hence, having HTTPS is a good idea.

We conclude by stating most of the information provided is reliable, if not completely true. So, try implementing these for higher ranks.

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