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Achieve enhanced conversions with the Opportunities tab

In this blog post, we shall find out how the Opportunities tab can be of help to your site in terms of generating higher traffic volume and enhanced conversions. Basically, it tries to find ways of bringing about reasonable changes, which could have a positive impact on your AdWords account once you opt to implement the suggested changes.

As we’ve grasped in one of our previous posts, the tool essentially taps into a lot of historical data such as your campaign performance and what your target audience searches for on Google, to unearth new possibilities.

Generation of ideas for campaign improvement

You begin by choosing some goal. Then it acts with your end goal in focus, analyzing historical campaign data, your campaign settings and Google search volume as well as trends so as to generate ideas automatically. Ideas get periodically generated. In case, you don’t see any it means for a campaign, there are no suggestions at that point of time. So you may check in later.

Once you’ve reviewed a particular idea, you need to decide on making the requisite modification to your account. Select the boxes just next to the ideas that you like and then either click. Apply now to make the changes immediately to your account, or click Save to pending changes for reviewing them later with help of experts before applying them.

When you opt to save or apply any keyword idea/s, other ideas that are not selected in the particular ad group will get discarded. So before you apply or save an idea, ensure that you have picked all those you like. For those you don’t like, select box next to them and click Remove.

Implementation of applied changes

Usually, applied changes will take effect straightaway. Once you click Apply now button on your tab, each change you have applied will be implemented immediately in your campaign. When you revisit the campaign page, you’ll find it updated to reflect all the changes that you applied. A few keyword changes might be an exception though since they need to comply with the broader AdWords policies, so some new or edited keywords may need to await review and approval before they are eligible to trigger your ad.

Monitor your campaign performance

According to Google AdWords recommendation, you should run a campaign with requisite changes for a couple of weeks at least in order to gauge their impact on the overall campaign performance. This will make sure your ad groups are able to accrue necessary performance history to meaningfully contribute to the keywords’ Quality Score and conversion rate.

Seek help of specialists

Last but not the least, it is advisable to approach SEO specialists since these ideas in the Opportunities tab are automatically generated. Remember, no automatic ‘undo’ function is there on your Opportunities page. And after you choose to apply the changes, you cannot revert back automatically to your previous campaign settings.

If used judiciously under expert’s guidance, you can ensure a higher conversion rate thanks to the Opportunities tab and the ideas it recommends to improve your Google Adwords campaign.