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Achieve enhanced conversions with the Opportunities tab

In this blog post, we shall find out how the Opportunities tab can be of help to your site in terms of generating higher traffic volume and enhanced conversions. Basically, it tries to find ways of bringing about reasonable changes, which could have a positive impact on your AdWords account once you opt to implement the suggested changes. Continue reading

Factors that decide the choice of ads shown on Google

Google Analytics helps you to follow how your users or the potential customers interact with your site. It’s a handy web analytics tool, which can offer in-depth data on your site usage which sites and key search engine terms direct people to it. This information and analysis lets you take up appropriate marketing activities and define strategies so as to enhance your AdWords performance, grasp visitor preferences; follow what exactly they do on your site, and improve your site design. Continue reading

Tracking your keyword performance in an ad campaign

Evaluating ad performance becomes easier with a comprehensive report that allows you to view pertinent data for all your ads, such as average position, CTR, cost, clicks as well as impressions. If you’ve a couple of ads in a group, they will typically be rotated. It is important to see how your key terms are generally doing to make modifications if and when it’s necessary. Continue reading

How to ensure that your ad is targeted to the right audience?

One important advantage of Google AdWords is that your budget parameters will define the maximum limit for your average daily spend – spread over a period of one month by modifying it as frequently as you wish. Keep in mind the fact that the ads, which are clear, compelling and specific, will more convince online users to click them so that they buy your products and services. Continue reading

Factors that can hamper your Google AdWords campaign

Many small businesses often spend thousands of dollars on creating and running Google AdWords campaigns, albeit little to show for it in terms of visibility and actual sales. They must be wondering where it all has gone wrong. In this post, I shall narrate more practical experiences of certain companies – both online and offline – to understand the probable mistakes. Continue reading