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Tips to gain from the Yahoo!-Microsoft Search Alliance

As you are aware, Yahoo and Microsoft have already completed the search transition in October in the US and Canada. If you still have not finished your account transition process, you need to check in at the earliest for an immediate shift from Yahoo! Search Marketing to Microsoft adCenter. Continue reading

A new and powerful search alliance for consumers and advertisers

Along with Google Adwords, Microsoft adCenter and Yahoo! Search Marketing are among the most dominant PPC engines on the scene. The transition of the latter’s ad serving to adCenter is already over in the US and Canada. It is now claimed that the combined entities can reach out to about 165 million searchers making use of Microsoft and Yahoo! sites, providing a volume of more than 5.7 billion searches every month. Continue reading

Countdown for switchover from Yahoo! Search Marketing to adCenter

It is time to get ready your account for a smooth transition to Microsof adCenter from Yahoo Search Marketing account, with the deadline fast approaching.  Most users are already in the process of finishing the process or have already done so. The combined scale and reach of the two companies is aimed at letting them speed up the pace of innovation for providing a better search user experience, and assisting advertisers derive better results. Continue reading

New and improved features of Microsoft Advertising adCenter

If you wish to make optimum usage of Microsoft Advertising adCenter, you should be aware of the latest features and enhancements that it has on offer. It is important to learn basics of managing your online advertising account with the latest upgrade on Microsoft Advertising adCenter (Fall 2010 Upgrade). Continue reading

Microsoft-Yahoo duo takes on Google Search; shakes up search advertising

Google may ultimately face some real competition in the domain of search it has thoroughly dominated for last so many years sans any serious competition. However, with the integration process of search businesses of Microsoft and Yahoo now well on track – the challenge is going to be there. Yahoo searches are already employing Bing engine courtesy Microsoft. Continue reading

Microsoft to come up with adCenter Editor?

Microsoft has announced the arrival of “Microsoft adCenter Desktop beta“. As of now it is available only by invitation. It looks like they are planning to develop something similar to “Google AdWords Editor“. If it gets developed then it would be a very handy application for adCenter advertisers. Perhaps even great thing would be to directly import campaigns from Google account to Microsoft adCenter account with the help of their desktop application. That would be far fetched dream. From the first look, the application looks very simple which is designed to handle bulk edits and uploads. Let’s hope they launch this tool very soon. Anybody interested can enroll for their beta test here.

In more Detail – Quality Score, Quality Index and more Complex Systems

Few years back managing Pay per click engines wasn’t so difficult. There were less players but bidding system wasn’t so complicated. Google AdWords at that time was ranking ads based on a combination formula of Maximum CPC (cost per click i.e. in simple word your bid) and Click Through Rate (CTR). While other players like Overture (now Yahoo! Search Marketing) had a simple system of ranking ads based on purely bids. The highest bidder was given No.#1 position.

Whether few years back or today, Google AdWords was the most complicated system and yet today it has complex rules of ranking ads. But most importantly even Yahoo! and Microsoft adCenter have started giving more relevance on performance and quality based results. Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft’s Live Search are the three major search engines who have started weighing more relevance on landing page, performance and other non CPC factors to rank ads. All this rules and system which are introduced can mean one thing – to improve search results.

This may be bad news for Mr. Money Bags who had to previously only throw money (except in Google) to gain high rankings. But it may also work to your advantage if one can understand the rules & system properly and accordingly design the campaign. Let’s have a brief look at what is being introduced here:

Google AdWords

By far the most complicated and interesting system to be designed. To make it simple the ads are ranked on two factors – Quality score and maximum bid. And on what factors does the Quality score depends on? Most importantly what is Quality score? To keep things simple let’s not divulge in much details. Quality Score is a qualitity which is determined by factors like

1) Keyword click thorugh rate (Keyword CTR)
2) Ad Copy click through rate (Ad Copy CTR)
3) Account history
4) Most Recent history
5) Other Relevancy factors (there can be many other relevancy factors but advertiser can focus on the above mentioned 4 factors)

In essence what Google tells you is that if you excel and perform better in all the above mentioned factors then your overall performance would be considered better and that would work in advantage for you. This could mean that with good performance in Quality score you can gain higher position with less bid with respect to your competitor.

Yahoo! Search Marketing

Google uses the term “Quality score” then Yahoo uses the term “Quality Index”. Yahoo ranks it’s ad based on two factors – Quality Index and Bid. So what is this Quality Index? It sounds similar to what Google AdWords has been using. Is it same and complicated? No! It’s not same, but complicated? – well that depends from person to person

Let’s take a look at Quality Index. Quality index is determined by two factors:

1) Ad’s CTR (click through rate) historical performance relative to it’s competitors.
2) Ad’s expected performance which is determined by Yahoo’s ranking algorithm compared to the existing competitors displayed at same time.

To make it simple, it is the CTR and bid which determines the ad ranking in Yahoo’s Panama system.

Microsft adCenter

Well, Microsfot adCenter hasn’t used any specific terms like Quality score or Quality index but they have specified certain guidelines which affects ad ranking. Apart from bids following factors determine the ad ranking:

1) How close keyword (user search query) is relevant to Ad Copy
2) How close is the user search query relevant to the landing page
3) How close is the query relevant to both ad copy and landing page
4) How unique is ad copy as compared to other ads. In essence adCenter tries to remove duplicate ad copies from it’s search results to improve user search experience.

Overall these systems award high rankings and less cost for advertisers who give hard work. I don’t foresee smaller tier engines introducing such “Quality based” rankings in their sponsored system, but one can never know.