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6 Tips to Lower your BOUNCE RATE

Bounce rate has always been an unresolved mystery. Is it good for your website traffic or will it affect the ranking negatively? Well, let us say that everything that is ‘too much’ is never good, so to know how to lower the bounce rate, read on…

Why is Bounce Rate negative?

Bounce Rate indicates that your website has been ranked for a keyword that is not useful to visitors. Google will either push your website down or take it out of the search result listings.

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How your site can get penalized by Google for over-optimization?

Earlier in March we had written an article about how Matt Cutts had warned that Google will start penalizing websites that indulged in over-optimization practices.

In this post, we will guide you through few critical points where over optimization will get your website penalized and the precautions that you should take during the optimization process. Continue reading

Why rich snippets are must for every website?

Let’s face the facts: Being ranked high in search engine results pages (SERPs) is nice but more often than not are no longer enough to ensure a successful online marketing effort. RICH SNIPPETS is a design which provides the searcher with more useful and informative search results. Rich snippets are part of increasingly enhanced SERPs designed to help users make decisions before they click. Continue reading

Unnatural Back-links can lead to Penalty

Has building quality content always been your priority? Were you losing web traffic because you did not buy the Back-links? Here is good news for you.

Google will now penalize sites using unnatural links to get back-links and improve rankings. What about advertisements, then? Do not worry. Google Webmaster Tools say, ‘Not all paid links violate our guidelines. Buying and selling links is a normal part of the economy of the web when done for advertising purposes, and not for manipulation of search results’ ( ).

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Why it might be required to hide the address on your google places page

Recently some business owners found that their Google Map listings have disappeared entirely without any warning or an explanation. After some scrambled to figure out what happened to their previously strong listing, someone received a prompt email from a Google employee quoting an extremely obscure passage in the Google Places Help Files: Continue reading

‘Over Optimized’ Sites: be ready to take a hit in google’s next update

Earlier this month, Matt Cutts mentioned that Google was working on a new change in its algorithm that would make GoogleBot much smarter to pick out overly optimized sites ( that rank well in search results ) and penalize them. Although this might sound new and we’re sure that sites will be hit – this is not a new concept. Google has been penalizing sites, but it will be on a much larger scale now. Continue reading