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Consider business domain and target audience requirements for your ad campaign set-up

There is always further scope for improvement in a PPC campaign. And the best possible way of checking of what exactly is working and what probably isn’t is to test the effectiveness of PPC campaigns, respective ad groups, ad text and site landing pages on a frequently basis.

Some of the questions that you may ask yourself to check the competency of your campaign in-charge are as follows:

Is the PPC manager chosen by you suggesting you get associated with specific beta programs through Google?

Has the person been using remarketing in your PPC account? If not, have you been explained why it won’t be such a good choice for your domain?

Is the resource for PPC campaign management being able to target the display network via topic targeting?

Has the PPC campaign manager actually linked your Google Shopping feed and AdWords account for taking advantage of product extensions as well as product listing ads?

Emphasize on customized approach

All these things can become a real issue especially if the person owing to lack of skills and expertise fails to understand your business model.  A small business site owner will agree to the fact that audience base and marketplace demands are different for each domain.

In other words, setting up and running a PPC account for a retailer selling industrial and commercial lighting is different from hosting one for, say, baby toys. The business context and demographic is vastly different. The choice, tastes and demands of buyers are obviously different. Also, the time of day at which they search for a particular product or service may not be same.

The location or geographic areas of your target audience may possibly be different. In effect, a good PPC manager won’t look to make one size fits all PPC campaigns. The emphasis would be on creating a unique and customized campaign for each client. Having a flexible approach is very important.

Meticulous testing is important

Your PPC account manager is expected to structure your account carefully in both AdWords and adCenter. Multiple ad groups in each campaign will help to target specific clusters of relevant keywords. Those from within the ad group should be employed as frequently and accurately as possible within the ad text to enhance each ad group’s relevance. This aspect should be taken into consideration by the person in charge of your campaign.

An experienced PPC manager will insist of A/B test of ad copy by setting ads in order to rotate evenly. A meticulous analysis of results from ad copy tests will work out which one is drawing attention of your customers the most. Once the most effective text and keywords are identified, similar ads can be utilized in other groups.