Features of competent hosting platforms for live blogging

Live blog demands careful, continuous and meticulous signposting to nudge your readers to main points of the story. When comments are accumulated into the hundreds, obviously they require proper curating and managing. If not done rightly, they can fast stoop to a mishmash of comments and tweets sans context.

Also, they can be deployed by editors too easily on certain stories to which the format is not really suited. The name, live blogging, does not perhaps helpfully denote the format and indicates triviality.

You can enjoy a fair degree of advantage over your immediate competitors by using this plugin especially if you are keen to post updates as they happen from live events. This will ensure that readers receive updates quicker, making them more relevant. It will get integrated into your blog interface better than most other competing systems, WordPress claims.

By making use of WordPress 3.0 custom post types, the plugin can allow you to create and insert the micro blog entries in a very simple, basic stripped-down version of the ubiquitous post edit screen. The micro blog entries then are incorporated in a post that has been activated as ‘microblog’.

Another useful live blogging tool, CoveritLive has been utilized by writers across the world to engage readers across the globe. It’s actively employed both by those in mainstream media as well as traditional bloggers to cover niche sport events, local festivals, marquee social and entertainment events through social engagement for worldwide digital destinations.  Earlier this March, CoveritLive was acquired by Demand Media. A recent release hosted on the site elaborates:

“The Demand Media platform harnesses the creativity of individuals to deliver valuable content and help sites grow by providing powerful content and community features. Its enterprise social media platform ‘Pluck’ powers the social experience for 120 million monthly unique visitors on several of the world’s leading digital properties. CoveritLive’s relationship with Demand Media means that our users will have the opportunity to get their content in front of more readers in ways they never thought possible.”

It supplies the software, to engage readers by quickly building and launching any live event. You can insert as a hyperlink into any web page as easily; publish live commentary/ multimedia instantly sans refresh or preview. There are extensive features custom designed to involve readers and build readership. A fully scalable, seamless platform is available for real-time reporting as well as social engagement. For live content and major breaking news, permanent editorial options are in place apart from premium features that permit custom branding, Groups and API’s.

The agency tools to keep the clients engaged helps manage their events. It is possible to develop custom branded solutions for individual clients or campaigns as well as to integrate live events into any mobile, proprietary social Apps or CMS.