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Five tips for a powerful affiliate Program Bio

Affiliate Marketing is a method for merchants to grow their sales, only paying the affiliates who deliver. Commissions are paid when a sale occurs, or a lead is generated. Newly recruited merchants in a well-established network can get started on the very day on which they sign up but for inaccurate information or wrongly implemented procedure. Continue reading

Understanding the ‘Pay for Performance’ marketing basics

Affiliate Marketing is a well-established form of marketing for a business entity or individual keen to increase sales or leads. It is often termed Pay for Performance marketing. This method is considered a very effective customer acquisition and retention tool for online merchants who are in a position to work out the commission structure and pay only after tangible results come in. Continue reading

Secrets of a reliable affiliate management service

For an aspiring affiliate marketer, there are several important factors to consider before taking a final call about joining a program. Joining a particular merchant’s program is just a first step. There are so many other things to be taken care of for ensuring success. Continue reading

Networks that help you keep pace with the dynamic landscape of Affiliate Marketing

If you as a merchant have an innovative service or product that you want to promote online, then Affiliate Marketing is just the perfect tool. An effective program will help your business generate greater customer leads and increased sales over time. In theory, it can fetch 20% of total online sales. However, it takes proper planning and execution to build a successful strategy with the help of affiliates. Continue reading