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Google’s ire turns in the direction of enhancing the mobile user experience by cleaning up the sneaky mobile only redirects.

As such, the utility of these unreliable mobile-only redirects are fine to a point, where they are actually helping people in accessing the mobile friendly content. But they become problematic when they direct user to unwanted site or page, which they didn’t want to visit.

In fact, it’s a sort of cheap tactic, which warrants a manual punishment for going against Google’s webmaster guidelines, if the search giant gets to know about it.

But there’s no reason to blame your webmaster because these quirky redirect occur even without the webmaster’s knowledge. Google acknowledges this fact and that’s why he issued yet another warning to the site owners instead of punishing them. Not only that, Google also gave two possible reasons behind its presence as below:

  • Advertising: A display Ad script might have ended up redirecting users to other unintended site, much to the amazement of the webmaster.
  • Hacking: In a hacked site scenario, attackers could link your site to the spammy web domains to be redirected for mobile searches.

The site owners can also find out about their site’s mobile redirect tendency by simply doing a google search of their site through the smartphone and clicking on the results.

Moreover, Google wants the site-owners to monitor their user’s redirect complaints, keep an eye on the unusual activity such as the sudden drop in your web traffic through the Google analytics report.

If there are any indications of their presence on your site, then the search giant advocates you to check the Search Console account for further signals of a possible site hack warning.

If there’s no hacking problem, this problem might arise due to the third party source or medium. You can also fix this problem by scaling down the possible factors one by one and then again testing to see if the issue has been resolved or not.

Google wraps up its blog post by issuing a serious warning to site owners about the impending action of subscribing to such deceptive activities leading to manual action on your site in the form of being removed from the Google’s indexing search capabilities.

Google seems more interested in the clean-up act also due to the fact that smartphone searches are dominating the search scenario. And that’s the reason why it’s taking the matter pretty seriously with the site owners.

But whatever action Google takes to stop these deceptive acts, the spammers and hackers as such will find a way or two to disrupt your site’s mobile experience and hence Google recommends the site owners to always stay on guard with your online presence.

As a precautionary measure, site owners can have security alerts to protect their site being hacked and also be careful the next time you intend to run an advertising script on your site.

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