Google, earlier this year in June, started notifying business owners to verify their Google My Business Account by sending out warning messages. You can also do the same via this link login and verify their business listings. In case, if they don’t oblige then Google may punish them by removing their Google Map’s business listing.

This time again, Google has come out with the warning message for business owners, as it did in the past.

And the other day, Google issued a fresh warning and this time on its social networking handle Google+. It says that it’s now mandatory that you log in at least twice a year and in case if you were unable to do the needful in a year’s time, Google will notify you via email and still if you were unable to login to your account then Google may expel your business account altogether.

The emailer notification from Google reads as:

“If you’re a business owner and you haven’t logged into your Google My Business account in over a year, you may receive an email from us soon asking you to sign in and confirm your business information. Just follow the steps in the email by simply logging into your Google My Business dashboard, then checking to make sure your information is up to date and submitting any changes if necessary. If your account remains inactive after receiving a notice from us, then it could run the risk of being de-verified, or in rare cases, removed from Google Maps.”

In case, if you have recently received a similar email notification from Google, don’t forget to log into your account more than once a year or else you may have to face the consequences.

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