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How can opportunities tab help your campaign?

The Opportunities tab is a key area of an AdWords account to help businesses improve online ad campaigns. It can help site owners discover more important keywords and make optimum use of the budget. Users who run their AdWords accounts with specific goals in mind should try the tab.

The broader goals you can direct it to work with are increase in traffic, Balance cost plus traffic, and lastly, decrease or maintain cost. This can be effected through enhancing impressions and clicks (even if costs go up a bit); raising impressions/ clicks with not too high cost changes, apart from getting as much as possible within your existing budget limits.

Analyzes account history

If you’ve previous account history, the tab can to work with it to help you bring about improvements with little investment of time and money. The tab allows site owners to focus more on decision making instead of research. They can minimize costs since it makes useful practical suggestions and helps to keep a campaign dynamic by recommending a fresh set of keywords and new bids.

While it doesn’t necessarily predict whether your campaign will succeed, it taps into a lot of historical data such as your campaign performance and what your target audience searches for on Google, to unearth new possibilities. Performance estimates based on past data can and to save time in keyword selection; increase traffic; and boost conversions.

You can use the Opportunities tab for digging out popular search terms and new keywords, to develop a search engine friendly site.

Steps to review and apply workable ideas

A site owner can review and apply workable ideas directly to their Adwords account. You can act on such opportunities by visiting the tab in your account, and consider a campaign that has ideas. By clicking a campaign name mentioned on side navigation bar, you can view ideas for any campaign. All available ideas and their potential impact for the whole account can be seen by visiting online campaigns link so that you can act on them.

You though should bear in mind the fact that the ideas are automatically generated, so you should seek further advice from experts for the purpose of reviewing them. They will carefully consider each idea and see whether it’s relevant to an ad campaign or suitable for overall your advertising goals. They decide if you should apply it or not.

Click the idea to check further details and to know your editing options. For instance, you can edit keyword ideas for a different destination URL/ bid. On the other hand, you can set budget ideas to any new amount you find appropriate. If you cannot effect a particular edit within the tab, simply apply the idea as is and then from your Campaigns tab make the desired change.