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New tools to effectively reach Adwords customers

A few years ago, Google came up with interest based advertising that also included remarketing as a means of reaching the desired audience or user base with your relevant message and re-engage with prospects, who have checked into a website. Since introducing this particular change, the company claims that users have witnessed positive results, leading to more customer engagement, better ROI as well as higher sales. Continue reading

How can opportunities tab help your campaign?

The Opportunities tab is a key area of an AdWords account to help businesses improve online ad campaigns. It can help site owners discover more important keywords and make optimum use of the budget. Users who run their AdWords accounts with specific goals in mind should try the tab. Continue reading

Stick to the basics while implementing your PPC ad campaign

A PPC (pay per click) ad campaign can prove to be a very effective source of online traffic and revenue. PPC listings are generally considered that much quicker and uncomplicated to set up, provided your selection of an expert is precise. But there a few key things to be always kept in mind. Which are they? Continue reading

Creating successful keywords to make your ads search friendly

Business site owners can resort to a several basic albeit effective techniques to make their keyword list. It holds the key to popularizing the site through domain specific searches. There are certain aspects to be kept in mind for creating keywords that will ensure that the target audience, as aspired by a small business, can find the site. Continue reading

How to ensure that you make the most of your ads even with a limited budget?

Consider employing the AdWords tool to push your ad and promote your business website. Relevant domain-specific search result pages usually determine the rank based on implicit Quality Score of selected keyword/s apart from cost-per-click (CPC) bid consideration. Following are a few basic things to be kept in mind for creating good ads that will get a better position on desired search pages relevant to your niche area of operation. Continue reading

Three tips to make your Google ad campaigns more profitable

Before we gather more ideas to enhance your AdWords account’s performance, let us follow a few basic facts about its structure. It’s made up of three key levels, namely account, campaign plus ad group. It includes six major tabs.  Each of them may carry one or even more sub-pages that can be viewed by clicking the respective tab. User-friendliness is its feature, and it’s easier to manage and monitor. Continue reading

Mistakes made during Google AdWords campaigns

These are real-life lessons literally learned the hard way by ambitious owners who have tried several tricks in their book, but have realized the mistakes over time, in their quest to build and optimize Google AdWords campaigns. In this post, we focus on a couple of them  and analyze the practical problem  areas. Continue reading